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G-TEKT Corp.

Oracle Customer Success

G-TEKT maximizes talent potential and supports growth with Oracle HCM Cloud


G-TEKT gains holistic view of human resources data and improves ability to identify future leaders with Oracle

G-TEKT is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in automotive body frame and transmission components. With production facilities spanning 11 countries, G-TEKT supplies its products to some of the major automotive manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, Subaru, and BMW. 

As a leader in the auto body frame industry, G-TEKT aims to develop advanced technologies, such as reducing weight and adding strength to electronic vehicles, through unprecedented human resources innovation.  As such, G-TEKT introduced Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) to improve the transparency of employee data and enable the business to easily and quickly identify and nurture young talent as future leaders.

Business challenges

  • Maximize talent capability by deploying a comprehensive human capital management system to efficiently capture and manage employee data, such as competency and work experience
  • Change the mindset of employees towards proactive value creation rather than just following customer specification by improving the ability to identify and promote young talent to sustain the automotive business 
  • Shift the evaluation process from traditional seniority-based to a meritocracy-focused, inclusive, and fair human capital management system

By gaining complete visibility of HR data with Oracle HCM Cloud, we can easily identify our future leaders and support sustainable growth. Oracle also improved the accuracy, efficiency, and fairness of our evaluation process.

Isao Yoshizawa

Managing Director, Business Administration Division, G-TEKT Corp.

Why G-TEKT Corp. Chose Oracle

“We preferred Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud over other vendors because of its global deployment capability, superior flexibility, and robust reporting functions. Most importantly, its robust talent management function helps us to identify young talent as future leaders."
—Isao Yoshizawa, Managing Director, Business Administration Division, G-TEKT Corp.


  • Improved the accuracy and fairness of the evaluation process by providing managers and employees with visibility into not only performance rating, but also the review feedback, coaching, and development with Oracle HCM Cloud 
  • Enhanced talent management by establishing a robust Oracle HCM Cloud to capture and analyze nearly 1,200 local employees’ information and enabling efficient and effective human resources operations including work allocation, evaluation, management, and training 
  • Encouraged a company-wide mindset revolution toward proactive thinking, unprecedented value creation, and identification and promotion of young talent with a talent-focused evaluation system
  • Gained easy access to talent capability and maximized employee potential by replacing paper-based human resources processes with Oracle Cloud and providing a centralized view of workforce capability, such as skills and experience of industry engineers 
  • Enabled managers to easily access and analyze talent information, including strengths and weaknesses for each employee, and provide improvement plans, such as improving knowledge in reduced weight body frame technology
  • Supported company strategy by enabling employees and managers to easily view and track individual goals, such as career development for engineers, and ensure alignment with organizational objectives  
  • Enhanced security for sensitive human resources data by developing hierarchical, role-based access control and preventing illegal access to personal information, such as review ratings
  • G-TEKT went live with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud for 1,200 domestic employees in just 6 months and plans to expand to cover overseas managerial employees

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Published: September 1, 2019