Gamma Solutions improves supply chain data insights with OCI

Australia’s leading provider of barcode scanning and printing solutions experiences faster performance and improved data insights with OCI.


With OCI’s Autonomous Database and Analytics, we focus more strategically on our business and serving customers as a trusted advisor. We can focus on our potential, and not on the traditional ways we were doing things before. That is the true value of the relationship we have forged with Oracle.

Michael AtallahManaging Director, Gamma Solutions

Business challenges

Today, machine-readable bar codes represent vital supply chain links for distribution and warehouse management systems globally. Gamma Solutions is Australia’s leading provider of innovative barcode scanning and printing solutions, serving a wide range of customers. To ensure optimal customer satisfaction, Gamma Solutions and its legacy on-premises IT platform with BI tools needed better long-term stability with optimal data integration, because access to data was fragmented. Employees, customers, and vendors did not have a complete view of inventory data via a trusted single platform.

The company was also about to upgrade its critical mobile device management solution, called Sentriblue. The situation threatened to stymie the company’s ability to meet customer requirements. To gain stability in its cloud infrastructure and optimize data integration for BI applications, Gamma Solutions sought the best cloud platform to modernize its services.

Gamma launched a new service on OCI that exceeded performance expectations and improved overall functionality.

Why Gamma Solutions chose Oracle

When the time came to upgrade AWS to run the company’s Sentriblue product, Gamma considered migrating to a fully automated database service from Oracle, optimized to run transactional, analytical, and batch workloads. Oracle proposed a proof-of-concept project that would showcase the capabilities of running Oracle Database on OCI. The project’s scope consisted of consolidating and migrating the company’s core business solutions for its world-class barcode label and printing solutions.

Following the successful proof of concept, Gamma Solutions found vast potential in the combination of OCI compute, OCI’s Autonomous Database, OCI's security features, and Oracle Analytics to truly optimize the company’s cloud platform.

After adopting OCI and its fully automated database service, time spent on data management dropped by 34% because OCI eliminated the need to constantly monitor and maintain data integrity.


Gamma Solutions moved from AWS to OCI and used Oracle Autonomous Database for transaction processing to run its transactional, analytical, and batch workloads concurrently on OCI. The combined solution allowed the company to bring data from all its systems to a single platform. Using OCI and its fully automated database service, time spent on data management dropped by 34% because there was no need to constantly monitor and maintain data integrity.

Empowered by automated data integration in Oracle Autonomous Database, the analysis capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud, and the performance of OCI, user experience improved. For example, with all components communicating with each other, information in support request forms is now prepopulated, speeding up the process and reducing frustration. In addition, all systems users gained accelerated access to their information along with the ability to explore richer data to make better business decisions. Gamma Solutions offered personalized dashboards to employees and customers, who can make queries to glean more insights.

Gamma Solutions also improved security using OCI Security and established two-factor authentication with OCI Identity and Access Management. And Oracle Web Application Firewall helped protect users from malicious threats.

Overall, Gamma leaders were pleased with the depth and breadth of OCI’s services and capabilities. In addition, the local Oracle ISV team inspired Gamma to explore new cloud investments that will help its customers.

Published:January 19, 2023

About the customer

Formed in 1992, Gamma Solutions specializes in applying barcode scanning and printing systems to use cases that vary in complexity, from simple programs for barcode readers in batch mode to sophisticated implementations involving wireless infrastructure.