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Oracle Customer Success—Gansu Mobile Co., Ltd.

Gansu Mobile Co., Ltd.

Gansu Mobile Sees 30% Annual Growth in its Internet Services with Oracle


By integrating 5 legacy databases into the high-performing and highly available Oracle Exadata, we can respond to customer queries 2x faster, on average, and enhance service quality. The integrated hardware and software platform also cut significant operating costs and fostered new innovation.

— Bai Qiang, Project Manager, Gansu Mobile Co, Ltd.

Gansu Mobile Accelerates Fault Alert Query by 50x, Increases Storage Capacity by 10x, and Supports 30% Annual Growth with Oracle Engineered Systems

Gansu Mobile Co., Ltd., operates as a subsidiary of China Mobile Ltd.—a mobile network with 628 million 4G LTE mobile users and 100 million broadband customers. Gansu Mobile offers a range of telecommunication services including mobile voice, data, IP telephony, and multimedia services to customers in the Gansu province.

To support rapid growth of China Mobile’s internet services, Gansu Mobile needed a high-performance and highly available database platform to process faster queries, such as data usage, and reduce costs.
Business Challenge
  • Support new business growth, such as digital home services based on fiber-optic broadband internet, by improving the performance and reliability of business-critical applications, including mobile billing and messaging systems
  • Enhance the quality of telecommunication services by gaining the ability to quickly identify and resolve system fault and enable faster responses to customer needs
  • Lower total cost of ownership for the IT infrastructure by integrating disparate databases onto a single platform
  • Met demands to support a 30% increase in wireline broadband internet users by optimizing database and application performance with a pre-configured and pre-tested Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Reduced data center operating costs—including power consumption, maintenance work, and hardware footprint—by consolidating five legacy databases and dispersed servers and storage systems onto a single Oracle Exadata  
  • Increased customer satisfaction by rapidly processing both OLTP and OLAP workloads and responding to online queries, such as broadband internet plans, 2x faster, on average
  • Processed failure reports 10x faster and improved fault management efficiency by eliminating system bottlenecks and accelerating query performance for fault alert data by 10x with Oracle Exadata’s ultra-fast PCI flash cards and InfiniBand technology 
  • Supported business innovation in digital home services, such as IPTV, video on demand, and interactive network teaching, by using Oracle Exadata’s Hybrid Columnar Compression technology to increase storage capacity by over 10x and enabling the company to easily manage massive growth in data volume  
  • Ensured continuous telecommunication operations by boosting the availability of the fault management system with Oracle Exadata’s completely redundant hardware and automatic failover function to protect against database failures


Only Oracle Exadata could provide an integrated hardware and software solution and ensure high system performance and availability. Oracle Engineered Systems enabled us to offer efficient and uninterrupted services to customers.

— Bai Qiang, Project Manager, Gansu Mobile Co, Ltd.


Gansu Mobile consolidated the dispersed databases for multiple critical applications, including fault management and wireline broadband internet resource management, onto a single Oracle Exadata. It went live smoothly with the new database platform in just two months.

About Gansu Mobile Co., Ltd.


Lanzhou, China
Gansu Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Ltd.—the telecommunication service provider with a total of 460,000 employees, 880 million customers, and over US$100 billion annual revenue. Gansu Mobile provides 4G LTE network services to all the cities, counties, major tourist areas, regional expressways, and most of the rural and forest areas of China. 
Published:  Feb 01, 2018