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Garbarino streamlined recruitment process with Oracle


Garbarino builds a digital datacenter for job applicants, saves 20% of recruiting time, and enhances HR management of recruiting process with Oracle

Founded in 1951, Garbarino is a retail company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that sells household appliances and consumer electronics online and in more than 200 points of sale across the country. It is also comprised of a manufacturing plant—where it produces air conditioners, telephones, and televisions—and a distribution center. The company is part of Garbarino Group, which has a diversified portfolio of businesses, including a travel agency, an insurance company, and a consumer lender.
Garbarino needed a solution to organize and standardize its recruitment process for all of the companies under its umbrella. The company wanted to modernize and expedite the job opening, application, and admission processes, which still relied on large volumes of manual work.

Business challenges

  • Modernize the entire recruitment process across all of Garbarino Group’s businesses 
  • Reduce the use of paper—printed resumes, health exams, and more—and facilitate tracking applications
  • Expedite the internal process to push out job postings
  • Establish methods to assess the recruitment process and help the human resources department to improve workflows

Our recruitment process used to be manual, laborious work, since we had to keep track of print resumes and candidates’ health exams on spreadsheets. With Oracle HCM Cloud, we digitized the process, created a database with applicants’ information, and were able to find the right candidates for open positions in our group much faster.

Noelia Lopez

head of Human Resources, Garbarino

Why Garbarino Chose Oracle

“We were seeking a platform that met our need to improve the recruiting process, so we learned about Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Service and Oracle Recruiting Cloud Service. These products offered what we needed—and besides that, we already had a well-established relationship of trust with Oracle.”

—Noelia Lopez, Head of Human Resources, Garbarino


  • Implemented Oracle HCM Cloud across all Garbarino Group’s businesses and streamlined the recruitment process, as the new platform allowed managers to identify the most qualified candidates to various positions much quicker
  • Built a digital datacenter and centralized all candidates’ information—from resumes to health exams—on a single platform
  • Saved 20% of the time spent by the HR team on recruiting, as Oracle HCM Cloud automated the process while eliminating screenings through printed resumes and manual spreadsheet tracking
  • Expedited the publication of job openings and helped managers from different departments in Garbarino Group to fill open positions much faster, as HCM Cloud facilitated communication within the company 
  • Created analytics that helped HR managers assess the recruitment system and improve the entire process, as now they receive reports on the number of candidates that applied to a job, how many passed to the next phase, how much time it takes to fill each position, and more
  • Started implementing an application center on Garbarino’s website to receive all applications to various positions across the group through a single channel
  • Ensured the approval of vacancies by the company's management prior to the start of the search process


“The Deloitte team was very cooperative and always ready to help when we needed adjustments on the product deployment. It was very pleasant to work with them,” Lopez said. 

Garbarino and Deloitte teamed to deliver a solution that is built to help the enterprise evolve and stay ready to navigate disruption. Learn how Deloitte can help your organization make impact that matters.

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Published: June 8, 2018