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Oracle Customer Success—Generali


Generali optimizes HR data with Oracle Analytics


We had a lot of people focused on reporting. Colleagues were required to provide information from all around the world every month. We are now autotomizing that process.

— Luca Ascolese, Global Head of Workforce Analytics, Generali

Oracle Analytics enables Generali to improve its data-driven approaches and automate reporting processes across the HR community.

Business Challenge
  • Generali is the largest insurance company in Italy and one of the biggest worldwide. With a massive global footprint that covers more than 40 countries and encompasses more than 70,000 employees, the company was sitting on a trove of HR data, all contained within the Oracle Cloud HCM solution. That’s when it decided to adopt a new analytics approach to exploit the data.
  • The HR departments at Generali compiled data manually in templates and sent those templates to the main office team for analysis. This was time-consuming and susceptible to errors. Generali needed a more efficient, reliable and automated approach.
  • The goal was to find a solution that would increase a data-driven mindset across Generali’s HR community, a shift that would have a long-term ripple effect of increasing efficiencies, correlating HR patterns for better decision-making, and automating measures that focus on improving the overall HR function and employee engagement.
  • Oracle Analytics transformed Generali’s reporting process, empowering HR with direct access to information, so they could be better at their jobs and proactively gauge its employees’ engagement and efficiency.
  • Generali’s streamlined and automatized reporting process, powered by Oracle, freed about 50% of reporting-dedicated HR resources, allowing HR to be more productive and focused on initiatives that added value to the company.
  • Oracle Analytics also provided Generali HR and executives with key insights and measures about employee management. 
  • Specifically, Oracle Analytics enabled Generali to offer a one-stop-shop for all HR-related analysis and to automate key HR reporting across the company.
  • Generali also created an executive dashboard to monitor and measure strategic HR KPIs, while also integrating data from several different sources, including the Group Learning Management System and external systems for richer analyses.
  • Workforce reporting, previously a time-consuming task, became more streamlined, accurate, and targeted, freeing up about 50% of reporting-dedicated HR resources. Also, senior executives now have the convenience of accessing key information on mobile devices with Oracle Analytics Cloud mobile solution.
  • Overall, Generali’s HR community has embraced a more analytical culture, supporting the decision-making process with meaningful and easy-to-use workforce analytics.

Why They Chose Oracle

Generali chose Oracle Analytics as its best option for scalability and ease of integrated with Generali’s existing HCM solution. The ability to enable Generali’s HR professionals to easily use and take actions on the analytics was also a deciding factor.

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Published:  Sep 16, 2020