Genius Sonority speeds game analytics by 90X with MySQL HeatWave

A Japanese video game designer gains real-time insights and reduced costs with MySQL HeatWave for rapid application development.


We found MySQL HeatWave improved performance by 90X, which solved the challenges and concerns we had in moving data to realize real-time analysis. It was a big surprise for us.

Masayuki KawamotoDirector, CTO, Genius Sonority

Business challenges

Genius Sonority designs, develops, and operates video games for consoles and smart devices. For improved game players’ experience, and to adjust the difficulty level of the game, the company needs to analyze game usage and campaign participation rates in real time.

To analyze the end-user gaming engagement, Genius Sonority IT staff had to transfer data from the transactional MySQL Database Service to a separate analytics platform. Moving data from one data store to another causes a delay in analyzing data and requires development of additional scripts using several different tools, which adds time and increases costs.

Why Genius Sonority chose Oracle

Genius Sonority added MySQL HeatWave, the in-memory query accelerator, to the existing MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for increased performance, ease of use, and reduced costs.

MySQL HeatWave enables Genius Sonority developers to run both OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from the MySQL database, eliminating the need for data movement and integration with a separate analytics platform.


Adding MySQL HeatWave to MySQL Database Service increased complex analytics query performance by 90X without modifications of the existing gaming applications. Before using MySQL HeatWave, data analysis took 2 to 3 hours with special data processing and programming. With MySQL HeatWave, the queries take only 2 to 3 minutes.

HeatWave’s extreme performance generates real-time analytics that provide insights for Genius Sonority developers to continue improving the gaming experience for exciting entertainment to customers around the world.

Published:March 29, 2022