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Oracle Customer Success—Glendale Water & Power

Glendale Water & Power

How does Glendale cut peak demand by 6% with 85% customer satisfaction? By turning AMI data into actionable insights.


At Glendale, we’re committed to empowering our customers with the information and tools they need to save energy and money.

— Steve Zurn, General Manager, Glendale Water & Power

Glendale Water & Power is an innovative municipal utility in Southern California. As of 2013, it had invested in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), but had yet to unlock the full potential of the investment for its customers. In particular, while Glendale was already using AMI data to power a successful behavioral energy efficiency program, it wanted to amplify its energy savings during high-cost peak hours. The goal: to complement behavioral energy efficiency with a reliable behavioral demand response resource.

  • Solution: Peak Reduction, Without Prices or Devices

    To achieve its objectives, Glendale enrolled its customers in Opower’s behavioral demand response (BDR) solution. The idea behind BDR is simple: that, by empowering customers with personalized insights before and after peak days, utilities can reliably motivate them to reduce peak demand. Unlike other demand response programs, BDR runs on AMI data alone — no installed devices or special prices necessary. Glendale tested Behavioral Demand Response across two customer groups: homes that were already receiving energy efficiency messaging, and homes that weren’t. The approach allowed Glendale to measure the impact of efficiency and peak solutions separately and in combination. Wisely, Glendale used the industry’s gold standard — a randomized controlled trial — to ensure accurate results.

  • Key Takeaways
    • Not every kWh saved is equal — those saved during peak hours are more valuable
    • Glendale had a robust behavioral energy efficiency program, and wanted to complement it with a robust peak savings program
    • Glendale used Opower’s Behavioral Demand Response solution to turn AMI data into timely, actionable insights
    • The result: 6% savings and 85% satisfaction for 100% of customers at ⅓ the cost of a traditional demand response resource
  • Results: Robust Savings and Happy Customers, at Low Cost
    Behavioral efficiency and demand response solutions complement each other. By combining them, Glendale cut peak demand more than 6 percent. Because there were no price signals or devices, Glendale’s approach cost two-thirds less than traditional demand response programs. Even more importantly, customers who participated were happier than those who didn’t. By putting people in control of their energy use, Glendale created more meaningful and trusting customer relationships. In fact, when surveyed, customers responded that they enjoyed BDR more than ice cream or the beach.
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About Glendale Water & Power


Glendale, California, United States

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Sep 15, 2016