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GMO CLOUD Increases Customer Satisfaction with Oracle Service Cloud


By consolidating multi-brand FAQ content into Oracle Service Cloud, we raised self-resolution rate to 90% instead of 37% and reduced inbound calls by 20% on average. This enabled our agents to focus on providing service for customers who require telephone assistance and enhanced service quality.

— Hiroyuki Osawa, Senior Manager, Cloud Hosting Business Promotion Division, GMO CLOUD K.K.

GMO CLOUD Raises Self-Resolution Rate to 90% Instead of 37%, Cuts Inbound Calls by 20%, and Delivers Superior Customer Service with Oracle

GMO CLOUD K.K. (GMO CLOUD) is a full IT infrastructure service provider in Japan. It develops and offers web hosting services, security services, and other online business solutions, such as VPN, storage, file server, and managed services.
As one of the early hosting service providers, GMO CLOUD gained a significant sales advantage at the time by launching over 10 different brands for similar services. However, the multi-brand strategy created complicated tasks and increased staff workload to manage the FAQ site and service customer inquiries. This caused inconsistent service and deprived staff from proactively assisting customers to resolve issues. With new entrants coming to the market, GMO CLOUD wanted to consolidate its knowledgebase and improve customer service.
  • Enhance service quality by enabling customers to easily find the answers to their queries, such as settings for webmail services, via an FAQ site and aiming to reduce inbound calls by 20%
  • Increase staff satisfaction by providing a single knowledgebase for multiple brands and allowing call center agents to focus on inquiries that require over-the-phone resolution rather than remembering various answers for the same question of each brand
  • Reduce staff workload to maintain complicated and constantly expanding FAQ content due to multi-brand strategy and fast-moving cloud service industry
  • Gain a systematic process to evaluate the timeliness, comprehensiveness, and usability of FAQ content and synchronize updates on the website without relying on individual discretion
  • Reduced the overall number of inbound calls by 20% on average and up to 34% for major brands by consolidating the knowledgebase for 9 different brands into Oracle Service Cloud and allowing customers to quickly find the most relevant answers for their questions, such as hosting service fee, via support and FAQ webpage
  • Raised self-resolution rate more than 2x (from 37% to 90%) in just 1 year and reduced the burden on staff to handle phone inquiries by providing a multi-channel resolution structure for users to easily navigate from the service and support page to the FAQ site and Smart Assistance page before escalating to call operators
  • Delivered superior customer service by allowing call center staff to quickly access the latest information via an internal FAQ site with Oracle Service Cloud instead of using different versions of outdated printed manuals, which often provide wrong information to customers
  • Freed up customer service staff from routine work and enabled them to focus on providing more personalized services, such as assisting customers to resolve hosting services settings issues via remote assistance 
  • Motivated staff to proactively improve FAQ content quality by using Oracle Service Cloud’s reporting function to easily prebuild analytics for customer survey based on each product needs and provide real-time insight into the usability of FAQ content and staff performance, such as first time resolution rate and zero hit rate for keywords
  • Simplified the maintenance for the FAQ site and reduced staff workload by deploying a flexible and scalable Oracle Service Cloud to automatically accumulate knowledge from customer inquiries for multiple brands


We selected Oracle Service Cloud over other companies’ products because of our Oracle Customer Success Manager and its proven experience in one of our group companies. Its high-performing FAQ engine also gave us confidence to achieve our inbound call reduction target and improve service quality.

— Hideaki Morimoto, Chief, Quality Management Group, Cloud Hosting Business Promotion Section, GMO CLOUD K.K.


After comparing various FAQ tools, GMO CLOUD introduced Oracle Service Cloud to build a single knowledgebase for its FAQ site with multiple products and services. Oracle Partner, SCSK Corp., assisted GMO CLOUD with initial setup and Oracle provided support for the migration of 2,000 legacy HTML-based FAQ content to Oracle Service Cloud. GMO CLOUD progressively rolled out to internal staff before going live with the customer-facing FAQ site.

“Thanks to the support from Oracle and SCSK, we launched the new FAQ site on schedule and at a reasonable cost,” said Noriaki Sano, engineer, Migration Management Group, Migration Promotion Section, Cloud Hosting Business Promotion Div., GMO CLOUD K.K.



Osaka, Japan


GMO CLOUD K.K., a subsidiary company of GMO Internet, Inc., started internet business in 1993, well before hosting services became popular in Japan. Today, it provides its customers online security services and many other solutions, such as managed services, storage, and hybrid cloud. It aims to enhance its focus of providing stable and secure internet infrastructure and meet the increasing demands of Internet of Things. 


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Published:  Oct 16, 2017