Gofrugal chooses Oracle Cloud and cuts costs by 40%

By migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the software provider simplifies customer operations and onboarding, while cutting costs by 40%.


With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we are able to provide better services, and our customers see value in terms of lower investments, easier expansion, and higher performance.

Santhana GopalanCTO, Gofrugal

Business challenges

Gofrugal provides cloud and mobile ERP solutions to the retail, food and beverage, and distribution industries. Its broad and flexible offerings support businesses across functions from front-end, customer-facing processes to back-end operations and financials.

“Customers cite the comprehensiveness of our ERP as a key reason to switch to our solution,” says CTO Santhana Gopalan.

The company’s mobile solutions speed up check-out, facilitate stock-taking and refills, streamline finance processes such as purchase order reconciliation, and monitor the business with voice-assisted analytics, among other features.

Gofrugal’s HQ Solution, which has multiple flavors, can connect distributed outlets or stores, warehouses, and ecommerce platforms to a centralized headquarters to consolidate data such as sales and inventory. It’s the backbone around which other operations are built—including analytics and reporting, and supply chain planning.

However, the architecture used disparate systems and created inefficiencies for the company.

OCI gives [customers] more flexibility with regard to operational maintenance. We believe even our small and medium customers, with limited IT skill sets, can self-service easily—at 70% of the effort compared to earlier.

Santhana GopalanCTO, Gofrugal

Why Gofrugal Chose Oracle

The answer to this challenge was migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Choosing OCI to run Oracle Databases, Gofrugal would optimize IT assets and resources and eliminate fragmentation. It also improved database performance because Oracle Databases perform better on OCI.

For example, on OCI, Oracle Databases can scale to many times the compute and storage capacity of the previous cloud platform (up to 1,600 database server cores and up to 2.5 PB database size).

Another reason Gofrugal selected OCI was the low total cost of ownership for Oracle Databases.


Using OCI has had several benefits for Gofrugal’s customers. The cloud platform has driven down total cost of ownership by 40%, improved application performance, and provided a more flexible, scalable, and sustainable foundation for the future.

Migrating to OCI also enables higher levels of self-service (without dedicated database administrators), and lowers the need to acquire and retain more highly skilled IT staffers.

Another benefit is less complexity. Today, interactions with customer IT teams require less manual effort. Increased centralization and simplification mean a more seamless implementation of Gofrugal’s cloud solutions. It also allows the company to more easily provide additional services, such as analytics and data warehouse integration.

Published:October 28, 2021