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Oracle Customer Success — Goodus, Inc.

Goodus, Inc.

Goodus Develops IT Solutions Faster, Supports Customer Demands, and Reduces Costs with a Flexible Platform as a Service


By adopting Oracle Public Cloud Services rather than a Microsoft offering, we gained the ability to develop and test our applications in real-time, and access to various functions of Oracle Database. This enabled us to respond faster to customer needs and support global growth opportunities.

— Sang-Hyun Jeon, Vice President, Goodus, Inc.

Goodus, Inc. is Korea’s leading IT solution provider that specializes in delivering technical expertise for outsourcing services—including network maintenance, onsite support, infrastructure management, and cloud migration services to customers in both public and private sectors. Goodus is also Oracle Certified Solution Partner and Oracle Certified Education Partner.

With increased customer demands for its in-house developed network management solution, Goodus’s legacy environment —using Microsoft .NET framework and SQL server—offered limited solution licenses, making it difficult and time consuming for developers to enable different testing scenarios. The company needed a flexible cloud solution to improve application development efficiency, reduce costs, and support growth.

By migrating to Oracle Database Cloud Service, Goodus can rapidly create and modify business applications in real-time with Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX). It also reduced maintenance costs by using subscription-based access to various services within Oracle’s cloud portfolio including Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, Oracle Storage Cloud Service, and Oracle Compute Cloud Service. The decision to move to Oracle’s cloud services enabled developers to quickly deploy applications without incurring hardware cost burdens, and empowered the organization to respond faster to diverse customers’ business requirements.

Goodus plans to fully deploy its network management solution to customers via the cloud when .NET environment is available on Oracle Public Cloud Services. It also expects to expand business opportunities to global markets by launching its solutions on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

We selected Oracle Public Cloud Services over Microsoft because it offers on-demand access to various functions of Oracle Database Cloud Service and enables us to rapidly develop and test applications at lower costs. We also gained access to global sales opportunities with Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

— Sang-Hyun Jeon, Vice President, Goodus, Inc.

About Goodus, Inc.


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million
Published:  Aug 03, 2016