Goodway Group preps for a cookieless future with Oracle

The digital marketing company uses Oracle Advertising to create the future of contextual segmenting with Predicts and positive context.


Oracle Advertising helped us find audiences that fit, bridging the divide between risk and new opportunity.

Nick GaudioDirector of Data Strategy and Business Planning, Goodway Group

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Business challenges

Founded as a printing company in 1929, Goodway Group is a privately held digital marketing partner that offers advanced media services and strategy to its clients. The company prides itself on its approach to data, insights, and custom consulting services.

With the decline of cookies, Goodway Group was looking for a fresh way to increase conversion rates. The company also needed to drive key performance indicators for its strategic automotive clients, such as General Motors, Subaru of America Retailers, and Kubota Tractors, specifically focusing on regional dealerships.

Historically, the automotive industry relies on audience targeting for conversion KPIs. This direction would steer Goodway Group’s clients in an entirely new, groundbreaking direction.

Oracle Advertising helped us prepare for the upcoming cookieless future, making our campaigns innovative and more effective than ever.

Nick GaudioDirector of Data Strategy and Business Planning, Goodway Group

Why Goodway Group chose Oracle

Goodway Group was drawn to Oracle due to the  working relationship that the team provided. The Oracle team frequently offered recommendations and new strategies, and supported Goodway Group’s efforts to create high-performing campaigns.


After implementing Oracle Advertising, including positive context and Predicts, Goodway Group has been able to keep conversion rates high and costs low by focusing on digital marketing. The context conversion rate on Oracle Advertising exceeded standard benchmarks by 60%, while the custom Predicts segment topped that by an additional 12% and far exceeded the previous base rate. As a result, context revenue for one of Goodway Group’s strategic automotive clients increased by 194% YTD.

In addition, Oracle Advertising enabled the company to target its messaging based on consumer traits and lifestyle attributes, and then provided that context to its auto dealer customers. Predicts segments had the strongest performance and helped optimize campaign effectiveness.

Ultimately, Oracle Predicts and contextual buys surpassed the performance of data-backed tactics. Once this occurred, Goodway Group felt confident turning to clients and assuring them that its existing reliance on cookies had a contingent plan. The imminent deprecation of cookies would have no effects on the well-being of the business, making the company more prepared than ever for the future.

Overall, Goodway Group appreciated Oracle Advertising for providing transparency in performance metrics and supporting in-depth analysis.

Published:January 21, 2022