Graham Corporation increases sales efficiency with Oracle Fusion Analytics for CX

The manufacturer of systems for the petrochemical, energy, and other industries gains data insights 5X faster with Oracle Fusion Analytics for CX.


Because everything is visual with Oracle Fusion Analytics for CX, we have a 360-degree view of what’s happening in our sales cycles. We can drill down into individual datapoints. And the auto-insights feature is really helping us generate new insights for our users to explore their data.

Aaron PiskorowskiSales Manager, Graham Corporation

Business challenges

The company designs, manufactures, and sells vacuum and heat-transfer equipment used in critical applications across the energy, defense, chemical, and petrochemical industries. By nature, sales cycles for these offerings often span multiple fiscal quarters and are complex and fast-paced.

Prior to moving to Oracle Fusion Analytics for CX, Graham’s sales teams relied on an analyst to manually extract data from the company’s CRM system to build reports that tracked every aspect of each sales cycle. This process was cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to data quality issues. Consequently, sales management engaged with IT staff to find out a product that would improve monitoring and analysis of sales activities. The goals were to ensure that proper resources were being applied to provide sales teams with a 360-degree view of each opportunity, including information such as project funding, anticipated closing date, and competitors.

Oracle Fusion Analytics for CX made it a lot easier to visually explain to our executives what's going on with sales opportunities.

Aaron PiskorowskiSales Manager, Graham Corporation

Why Graham chose Oracle

As part of the company’s cloud transformation, Graham moved from Oracle CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud. The adoption of Fusion Analytics for CX on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was a natural next step to achieve better visibility and deeper, more meaningful analysis of sales cycles and outcomes. Prebuilt data pipelines, along with ready-to-use KPIs and dashboards, provided faster time to value than any competitor’s offering.

Oracle Fusion Analytics for CX included prebuilt data pipelines to Oracle Sales Cloud. A prebuilt analytics data model significantly reduced the time spent on manual data extraction and manipulation with excel spreadsheets, enabling the organization to focus on finding insights instead of tedious, complex data work. The Auto-Insights and one-click advanced analytics capabilities allow any business user—regardless of technical ability—to uncover new insights, freeing IT resources for more strategic company initiatives.

Using the drill-down feature as well as Auto-Insights, individual sales reps proactively explore sales data and identify patterns that will increase the efficiency of their sales cycles.


After moving to Oracle Fusion Analytics for CX, each sales rep simply logs in and immediately sees all relevant data for their sales opportunities. Data quality substantially improved, and the elimination of manual spreadsheet gymnastics saved hours of time each week.

Sales managers now produce more accurate reports 5 times faster than before. They gained visibility across myriad data points to anticipate potential problems and identify where information is incorrect or nonexistent.

Auto-Insights provide automatic visualization suggestions that give sales teams a better understanding of the data. As a result, individual sales reps can explore patterns related to a particular metric, such as win and loss rates.

Sales management now more easily creates a visual report across sales forecasting and product demand planning. Several executives even expressed interest in becoming users of the solution themselves. Externally, Graham’s teams can proactively enhance the customer’s purchasing experience by demonstrating their ability to dedicate the proper resources on a timely basis at each stage of the sales process.

Published:November 17, 2022

About the customer

Graham Corporation’s engineers have established world-renowned expertise in designing and building vacuum and heat transfer technologies. The company’s products are installed in facilities around the globe.