Gränges Finspång gains flexibility by moving to Oracle Cloud

Swedish aluminum products manufacturer boosts innovation by moving from Oracle E-Business Suite on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


We needed an IT business platform that could be flexible, stable, and cost-efficient. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure fits our needs perfectly.

Ingvar PetterssonIT Manager, Gränges Finspång AB

Business challenges

Gränges Finspång AB supplies rolled aluminum products and solutions for thermal management systems to the automotive industry.

With production, manufacturing, and processing plants all over the world, the company needed a strong Enterprise Resource Planning system. In 2017, the company selected Oracle E-Business Suite to run financials, procurement, and supply chain. A few years later, the manufacturer decided to take a first step into the cloud to gain better performance and a competitive edge.

Why Gränges Finspång AB Chose Oracle

The decision to migrate Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was an obvious one for Gränges Finspång AB, which did not evaluate any other cloud vendor platforms. Partner Oracle Consulting made it clear that running Oracle E-Business Suite on OCI, rather than on Oracle Cloud classic infrastructure, would be less risky to manage, and would cost less.


Gränges Finspång AB migrated Oracle E-Business Suite’s database to Oracle Database Cloud Service and moved server and backup data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The change provided access to the same workloads with enriched features, faster speed, and lower costs.

The migration went off without a hitch. Using Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager, assisted by Oracle Managed Cloud Services, Gränges backed up the business platform, transferred it to OCI, and then restored the backup, leaving only minor configuration changes. “The cutover was very good, far smoother than expected,” says IT Manager Ingvar Pettersson. “With spotless onsite delivery by our local Oracle consultant, working in tandem with remote resources, Oracle Managed Cloud Services gave us great value.”

Oracle E-Business Suite on OCI is now integrated into the company’s manufacturing support system, hosted in Gränges Finspång AB’s data center and mirrored between two sites for redundancy. The integration is accomplished by Oracle FastConnect, linking in-house servers with OCI.

Pettersson recognizes that once the planned Oracle data center in Sweden opens in early 2022, Gränges Finspång AB may eliminate its own hardware and move all workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, OCI’s subscription model allows the company to try out new ideas quickly at minimum risk and low cost. With a large production database and several DevTest environments, the aluminum manufacturer has unlimited power to experiment. “In a matter of mouse clicks we can add a fresh user or site acceptance testing environment, and just as quickly shut them down,” says Pettersson. “And when we need to scale Oracle E-Business Suite due to peaks in regional operational demand, we just open and tap for more power or compute. It works perfectly.”

When operating on-premises, the company worked with five-year plans, factoring in the CapEx and OpEx required for hardware refresh and software licensing. OCI pricing and availability has put an end to that. “In the cloud, we buy the resources for three months, five months, whatever, tune up, tune down, and have far better cost control,” says Pettersson.

Along with resource flexibility, Gränges Finspång AB relies on OCI for security and stability. With global sales going up 41% in the first quarter of 2021, secure and stable business systems are vital to sustainable growth.

“OCI’s stability exceeded my expectations,” Pettersson says, “That's really the bottom line. This is the first time any part of Gränges has placed production in the cloud and stability has been the success factor. That’s the proof that the cloud is the future. And with a higher-than-ever volume of orders on our books, OCI’s 24/7 rolling performance has proved to be just perfect.”


Gränges worked with Oracle Consulting to migrate from Oracle E-Business Suite on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Published:November 29, 2021