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Grupo Capistrano Alimentari

Oracle Customer Success

Grupo Capistrano Alimentari optimizes 90% of its operations with Oracle Cloud


Grupo Capistrano Alimentari cut downtime from as many as four hours weekly to one hour per month with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Business challenges

Grupo Capistrano Alimentari is a Mexican company with more than 40 years of experience producing ham, sausages, bacon, and cured meats that are classified as cold meats. It currently has a plant in Celaya, Guanajuato (Mexico) and more than 30 distribution centers throughout Mexico and Guatemala. In addition, as part of its expansion process, the company recently began exporting products to the United States market. Grupo Capistrano currently produces more than 2,000 tons of food a week, an operation supported by the company’s nearly 5,000 employees.

The organization’s main differentiator is the quality of its products, so the group’s operation includes processes that enable a level of quality control enviable to any company in the food and beverages sector. But some of the group’s older software caused unacceptable delays and downtime: The company suffered between three and four hours of downtime weekly, generating cost overruns and inefficiencies.

For example, a server that became saturated, or an inventory database with some inconsistency, could stop the company’s entire operation.

Prior to deploying Oracle’s solution, the operation stopped for three to four hours a week. Today it doesn’t stop for more than a single hour per month. The benefits are insane.

Antonio Murillo Mancera

CIO, Grupo Capistrano Alimentari

Why Grupo Capistrano Alimentari Chose Oracle

Grupo Capistrano Alimentari’s board of directors saw Oracle as a strategic partner and chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its flexibility in implementation and compatibility with the type of storage the group was using, which included Oracle ASM Cluster File System.

In addition, Oracle made a team of specialists available to the company; the Oracle team supported the group’s in-house team as it deployed the solution and optimized its operations, providing ongoing help to ensure the company’s success. Thanks to this strategic alliance, Oracle also makes the latest technology on the market available to Grupo Capistrano Alimentari for testing, thus keeping the group at the forefront of digital transformation.


After deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the organization no longer had to stop operations for three to four hours a week. Today the operation is never interrupted for more than an hour per month, and monthly interruption was reduced by more than 90%, which translates into saved time and resources that allow all areas of the company to fully focus on their roles.

An additional benefit to this time-saving is employee job satisfaction. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables everyone to be more efficient and productive, because valuable time isn’t wasted waiting for the system to work.

Additionally, JD Edwards, which the group migrated to the cloud along with its other applications, has now become the ERP system of record.

Grupo Capistrano’s move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided a timely but unforeseen benefit as well. When COVID-19 struck Mexico and Guatemala, Grupo Capistrano management didn’t hesitate to send its employees home to work remotely. Managers could make this decision with confidence because they were backed by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which allowed employees to continue their tasks in the cloud. “With a different platform, we wouldn't have made it. It simply wasn’t an option,” says Antonio Murillo Mancera, Grupo Capistrano Alimentari’s CIO.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has given time to us all; it enables us to optimize the entire operation.

Antonio Murillo Mancera

CIO, Grupo Capistrano Alimentari