Grupo Colón Gerena weathers storm with Oracle Cloud

Using Oracle Fusion Cloud financial applications, Grupo Colón Gerena was able to continue operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

By having everything in the cloud, we had the security that if something happens in our office, it doesn’t necessarily affect the business. If we were still on a local system and had any electricity issues, we might have a situation where the database stops mid-process.

Ramon VazquezIT Director, Grupo Colón Gerena

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Grupo Colón Gerena is an umbrella company for a range of fast-casual restaurant franchises in Puerto Rico. Founded in 1979 as an owner of Wendy’s franchises, the company grew to include Olive Garden, Famous Dave’s, Sizzler, Longhorn Steakhouse, and Red Lobster restaurants.

The company was using two different accounting systems to run its 15 legal entities, and because those systems managed different processes, data had to be extracted from each system and input manually into reports for company leaders.

Why Grupo Colón Gerena Chose Oracle

Over time, the company’s leaders reasoned, moving its financial systems to Oracle Cloud would reduce its costs for hardware, software upgrades, integration and consulting services, and onsite disaster recovery systems.
Company leaders also liked the prospect of getting the latest software features via Oracle Cloud ERP’s quarterly updates, and they wanted to simplify the process of onboarding future acquisitions. They also wanted to modernize the company’s financial processes in line with the best practices baked into Oracle Cloud ERP.


The day after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico in September 2017, the San Juan headquarters of Grupo Colón Gerena was already back at work, thanks in part to its finance systems being in Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud ERP also has helped the restaurant company improve its day-to-day operations. By automating invoicing in its accounts payable system, for example, at least four full-time finance employees can focus on value-added activities rather than on entering data.

Meanwhile, suppliers can easily access the status of purchase orders and payments, so that Grupo Colón Gerena’s staff spends less time addressing supplier inquiries. The company has also standardized accounting practices across its legal entities and significantly streamlined its reporting process.

And because its restaurant management software is integrated with Oracle Cloud ERP, Grupo Colón Gerena’s restaurant billing, sales, and inventory data automatically flow into the accounting system without human intervention.

Published:May 21, 2020