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Grupo Davis

Oracle Customer Success

Grupo Davis streamlines operations with Oracle Cloud


One of Chile’s largest enterprise groups, Grupo Davis recently migrated nearly 40 servers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Business challenges

With more than 75 years of history, Grupo Davis currently operates in a variety of market sectors in Chile. Founded in 1943, the holding company is made up of various companies operating in areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, including Davislab and its quality control services, and in retail, with fragrances, beauty, and personal care and hygiene products, where it is a prominent leader.

In recent years, to further expand its presence throughout the country and continue its successful trajectory, the company has invested heavily in its digital strategy. “Our first focus is on seeing technology as a means and not an end,” says Javier Dávila, project engineer at Grupo Davis. A key step in this strategy was migrating almost 40 of the company’s servers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

We currently perform very well in the cloud environment. The Oracle Cloud response time and security level has met our expectations.

Javier Dávila

Project Engineer, Grupo Davis

Why Grupo Davis Chose Oracle

Because of the successful alliance in place between Grupo Davis and Oracle—the Chilean company has been using JD Edwards ERP for more than 20 years—Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the natural path for migration.

“I believe that one of the most relevant elements at the time to tilt the decision in Oracle’s favor was that we’d been using JD Edwards ERP, and the experience had been positive. That was one of the elements that had the most weight in the final decision,” says Dávila.


Among the benefits Grupo Davis realized after bringing its servers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: The company no longer needed to constantly monitor and verify infrastructure equipment.

“We already took that issue off our backs as the entire infrastructure is in a cloud environment. This was one of the benefits that had the greatest impact, since we got rid of the management process of renewing hardware equipment every two or three years, which was expensive,” says Francisco Fernández Mora, head of technology and digital strategy for Grupo Davis.

In addition, there were significant benefits in terms of costs and planning. “It’s different when you're in the cloud,” says Mora. “Today we have much better budget management as a benefit. In the Oracle dashboard, we can see our consumption, and we can even see the project’s cost analysis, gaining a much clearer idea of what it would mean to incorporate new servers with new features.”