Grupo Kasto Molinos increases sales with Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud services help Grupo Kasto Molinos reduce costs, unify operations, and optimize performance.


Through the Oracle EPM solution, we were able to model scenarios projecting our business for the next seven years, thus justifying the construction of a new mill, which will be integrated into our operations in the second half of 2021.

Nidia GuelApp Manager, Grupo Kasto

Business challenges

Grupo Kasto is a Mexican group of companies in the agro-industrial sector with a focus on production, marketing, services, and the distribution of consumer products. The milling division, known as Grupo Kasto Molinos, is responsible for producing flour and wheat byproducts and operates in over 17 states across Mexico. With more than 75 years in the market, Grupo Kasto Molinos currently has four wheat mills and a research laboratory for product testing.

Despite the scale of its mills operation, Grupo Kasto Molinos did not have unified information about its customers, nor did it have access to key sales and financial data. Furthermore, generating profitability reports per customer required approximately six months to complete.

The company realized it needed to adopt new technology that could integrate each of the mills’ operations and reduce costs.

Given the way we were working before, how we handled the processes, deploying Oracle solutions meant a 20-year technological leap for us.

Nidia GuelApp Manager, Grupo Kasto

Why Grupo Kasto Molinos chose Oracle

After analyzing and comparing more than seven competing vendors, Grupo Kasto Molinos selected Oracle on the basis of functionality, usability, cost, and technological alignment. The company chose to implement Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).


In 2020, Grupo Kasto Molinos managed to increase sales by 10% thanks to the optimization of its resources with Oracle Cloud. With Oracle Cloud EPM, Grupo Kasto Molinos can plan as far ahead as 2027, with access to the right variables and models to help guide the company’s expansion.

In addition, the company has reduced the time it takes to generate profitability reports from six months down to a day and half. The improvement is due in large part to the company transitioning off of manual and undocumented processes and having access to real-time information. Before, Grupo Kasto Molinos operated with no formal processes, no traceability, and no expenditure reviews. Now, the company has implemented best practices, and each of its four mills have standardized processes and can be viewed holistically as one business.

Importantly, Oracle solutions proved to be invaluable during the pandemic, as the cloud-based software allowed employees to connect to systems from home and helped keep the business moving forward.


Soft and Soulware worked with Grupo Kasto to implement Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud EPM.

Published:January 7, 2022