Consulting firm modernizes back office with Oracle Cloud

Grupo Prodensa is giving its clients faster, more complete insights and ensuring regulatory compliance using Oracle Cloud ERP.

It’s important to stay up to date with the latest technologies, and the ease granted by being on Oracle Cloud is that every quarter, we get scheduled updates that provide new capabilities that help us improve our services to our clients.

Hector SotoIT Director, Grupo Prodensa

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Business challenges

Founded in 1985, Mexico’s Grupo Prodensa helps companies in aerospace, automotive, healthcare, construction, and a range of other industries establish and manage their operations in Mexico and North America. Its services include market intelligence, guidance on how to navigate the socio-political environment, supply chain strategy, human resources management, and regulatory compliance.

The company needed to modernize its finance operations to improve efficiency and provide greater value to its clients, and it needed technology that would give it the flexibility to expand into new business models.

With Oracle Cloud ERP, we can enter a standard invoice for all of our clients based on best practices, which aligns with how things need to be submitted to the federal revenue system.

Hector SotoIT Director, Grupo Prodensa

Why Grupo Prodensa Chose Oracle

After evaluating ERP applications from Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle, Grupo Prodensa chose Oracle Cloud ERP because it needed a robust cloud service that would allow staff to work from any location, and it wanted to offload the complexity and expense of managing the application in its own data center.


Oracle Cloud ERP has enabled Grupo Prodensa to move to a more efficient shared services model and use automation to streamline processes and eliminate manual work. For example, instead of mailing in invoices, suppliers can now submit them into the cloud system directly.

Grupo Prodensa’s accounting department can now enter an invoice in less than a minute, and then validate it against a PO and receipt and do bank reconciliations in just 5 minutes—a process that used to take 30 minutes.

Its accounts payable department can close in the first two days of the month and submit final financial statements on the fifth day—a process that used to take 10 days.

Although Grupo Prodensa was not deemed an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of its clients were—and the company was able to help manage those businesses’ back-office systems remotely using Oracle Cloud ERP.


Grupo Prodensa worked closely with integrator Rapid4Cloud throughout the initial rollout, and it continues to consult with its partner when implementing updates. 
Published:August 7, 2020

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