Grupo Televisa taps Oracle amid changing media landscape

The media behemoth uses Oracle Cloud HCM to get a single view of 40,000 employees across more than 30 businesses in fast-changing markets.


We have a major modernization challenge, and the strategy we’re taking now seems to be the right one, by implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud applications.

Héctor Vergara SoriaCoordinator of Technology Projects, Grupo Televisa

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Business challenges

From television news programs to soap operas to magazines, Grupo Televisa helps people better understand and enjoy their world. “You turn a dream into a telenovela, into a program, into content, or into explaining reality through a publication," says Ricardo Lozano, Grupo Televisa’s director of digital services for back office. “That concept of a ‘dream factory’ is what propels Televisa the most.”

Founded in 1973, Grupo Televisa is recognized as a leader in media and content distribution throughout Latin America. The company also has other businesses including casino gaming, the soccer team América , Mexico City’s Aztec Stadium, and 40% of the shares of the television company Univisión, the leading Spanish-language channel in the United States.

The group needed a more centralized and efficient technology platform to manage the more than 40,000 employees who work for Grupo Televisa across its 31 companies. Every month, the group has about 800 significant staff changes of some kind—new people, transfers, salary increases, or other movements. Televisa was using about 50 applications to manage human resources, creating data silos with very little communication among them. Company leaders considered it essential to implement a consistent technology platform that would help them standardize processes across the group.

“The challenge was to transition to new technologies—cloud technologies, service technologies—which we could swiftly use and would be easy to adopt,” says Lozano.

Our bet is to build a tool that supports end-to-end human capital management.

Ricardo LozanoHead of Digital Services for back office, Grupo Televisa

Why Grupo Televisa Chose Oracle

The company evaluated multiple suppliers and chose Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management because it provided the best technology innovation, value, and platform for digital transformation. Oracle Cloud HCM also provided strong data security, such as role-based data access.


With Oracle Cloud HCM, Televisa now has much greater visibility into its workforce, clarity on which roles are filled and which are vacant, at what salaries, across regions. Previously, that kind of information required manually researching and compiling data; now the Cloud HCM system can quickly deliver those details in one report.

Grupo Televisa now also has stronger data control and protection. Using Oracle Cloud HCM, the company can create different roles and profiles so people see only the HR information that’s relevant to their work. “We were able to implement a more robust model, a logical model, that covers Televisa’s need for internal security,” Lozano says.

In addition, Oracle Cloud HCM helps the company manage new HR challenges created by the changing way that people consume content and media services. For example, soap operas used to routinely last for years; now Grupo Televisa might create a series that lasts only a few months, which leads to faster staff turnover. The company must adapt to these new demands by  visualizing all the staff and support teams needed to meet business commitments while also respecting the needs of employees.

“With Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, people feel more cared for and have a greater sense of belonging to the business,” Lozano says.


Tech Mahindra worked with Grupo Televisa on its Oracle Cloud HCM implementation.

Published:September 15, 2021