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Oracle Customer Success — Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.

Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.

Hansol Logistics Expands Pipelines and Drives Revenue with Oracle Sales Cloud


By consolidating sales data for 6,700 customers into Oracle Sales Cloud, we gained real-time insight into sales pipelines, ensured forecast accuracy, and built a foundation to increase upsell opportunity. Our sales team can now also easily update information via their mobile devices, increasing productivity.

— YJ Park, Marketing Team Leader, Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.

Hansol Logistics Gains Real-Time Visibility into Sales Pipelines, Enhances Forecast Accuracy, and Increases Revenue Opportunity

Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd. is one of Korea’s largest logistics service providers. It offers one-stop shop solutions—including third-party logistics service, e-logistics, and consulting service for supply chain management—to customers via a domestic and international network.

To improve the overall customer experience and support future growth, Hansol Logistics needed to innovate its sales processes and gain a consolidated view of customer information, such as prospect and sales performance, to expand pipelines and drive revenue opportunity.


  • Increase sales productivity by deploying a modern sales management system that enables sales representatives to easily update customer information, such as distribution and storage requirements for a retail customer
  • Improve forecast accuracy and increase sales revenue by consolidating information from 6,700 customers into a single platform and enabling the sales team to track and manage the entire sales cycle and gain insight into new opportunities
  • Maximized revenue opportunity by adopting Oracle Sales Cloud to provide actionable insight for pipelines, such as prospects for third-party logistics and consulting services
  • Enabled sales managers to easily analyze customer needs and identify the top deals with the highest chance to secure a sale
  • Built a foundation to increase upsell opportunity by providing a comprehensive view of customer information, such as key contact details and sales history, and allowing sales representatives to instantly view and share the data for eight stages of the logistics sales cycle with different departments
  • Enhanced sales forecast accuracy and supported sales planning by using Oracle Sales Cloud to track not only the win rate but also the full cycle of an opportunity and its conversion rate
  • Increased sales productivity by automating and standardizing the sales process with Oracle Sales Cloud and allowing sales representatives to focus on managing customers and executing sales strategy
  • Raised the rate that users updated the information in the system to 90% and ensured data accuracy by enabling sales representatives to access and update sales activities and customer information anytime, anywhere with a mobile device rather than using cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Improved sales performance by gaining real-time visibility of individual activity metrics, such as number of customer visits for logistics consulting service, with Oracle Sales Cloud’s social collaboration tool and enabling sales managers to rapidly identify performance issues and take corrective action, such as providing immediate coaching


Oracle Sales Cloud is the only solution that could capitalize our sales data and offer the visibility we required to improve sales forecast accuracy. We can also easily deploy this cost-effective system and provide all the important functions to increase conversion rate.

— YJ Park, Marketing Team Leader, Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.


After testing the pilot system over two months, Hansol Logistics went live with their new Oracle Sales Cloud driven pipeline management system. Hansol Logistics also plans to continue to implement a change management program and improve operating efficiency and performance management.

About Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

US $327 Million

Established in 1994, Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd. specializes in providing comprehensive third-party logistics services—including transportation, storage, unloading, distribution, disposal, and recovery—via its supply chain network across the world’s major cities. It also offers e-logistics and consulting services and enables customers in multiple industries, such as chemicals, electronics, retail, and wholesale distribution, to optimize their supply chain management.


Oracle Partner, Rainlight Soft Inc. assisted Hansol Logistics to build a new pipeline management system. It provided consulting services for the eight stages of the logistics sales cycle and managed the implementation process of Oracle Sales Cloud.

“Thanks to Rainlight Soft’s expertise and experience, we realized a higher user adoption rate since the start of using Oracle Sales Cloud,” Park said.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Mar 17, 2017