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Hanyang University

Oracle Customer Success

Hanyang University expedites launch of new development training with Oracle


Hanyang University empowers students with multidisciplinary capabilities by accelerating development and providing practical training with Oracle PaaS

Hanyang University is a research university in South Korea. Operating with the mottos, “Love in Deed” and “Application of Knowledge”, the university aims to provide students with all the necessary resources to pursue innovation and maintain the highest standards of excellence.  

To support its goal to provide students with multidisciplinary skills, the School of Business expanded its admission to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students. Hangyang University needed an enterprise-grade mobile application development platform to enable STEM and arts students to quickly grow software development skills and enhance their competitive edge.

Business challenges

  • Simplify learning and practicing software development skills for non-technical students by launching a mobile platform to design and build APIs in JavaScript without specialized knowledge in programming language
  • Enable the School of Business to raise more talent with information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities by providing timely feedback to students and reducing time to introduce new courses and educational programs

Thanks to a robust and scalable Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, we can quickly deliver new curriculum and enable both arts and science students to learn practical development skills and become multidisciplinary talent.

Suk-Gwon Chang

Dean, School of Business, Hanyang University


  • Improved the speed to launch two new software development training courses by allowing the School of Business to rapidly define and implement new services with the intuitive development tools of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
  • Enhanced students’ multidisciplinary capabilities by empowering both STEM and non-technical students to easily create and deploy mobile applications and gain hands-on experience, thanks to Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator
  • Enabled non-technical students to focus on learning software design and development instead of spending time configuring and installing APIs, such as push notification and data synchronization, with the prebuilt environment of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
  • Assisted the School of Business to easily expand future training courses and develop more ICT talent by deploying the mobile back ends for multiple applications in a single entity and allowing the faculty to provide faster feedback to students and accelerate application development


Oracle Partner, POSGEN, helped Hanyang University configure the system environment for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and provide technical support for the training classes. 

“With POSGEN’s expertise in mobile application development, they ensured the new classes running smoothly and allowed our students to focus on learning software development with an intuitive Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.”

We adopted Oracle Mobile Cloud Service because millions of companies worldwide are already using this service. We were confident that the solution would give practical software development experience to our students and reinforce their STEM capabilities.

Suk-Gwon Chang

Dean, School of Business, Hanyang University