HAPSA races to greater efficiencies using Oracle Cloud

The Argentine Racecourse of Palermo, part of the conglomerate Grupo Dagma, implements Oracle Cloud ERP to boost its business.


Oracle Cloud ERP has processes that are aligned with best business practices, enabling the operations to follow suit while complying with certain standard management principles. It has led us to implement best practices, and that has improved our business and made our processes safer and more reliable.

Diego ReynosoCorporate Business Process Manager, Grupo Dagma

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The Argentine Racecourse of Palermo (Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo, or HAPSA) is a private company in the entertainment industry with a strong commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Located on a historic property in Buenos Aires, Argentina, surrounded by one of the most sought-after green spaces in the city, it offers multiple entertainment alternatives. As the most important racetrack in Latin America, HAPSA hosts 120 horse races a year in which the best racing thoroughbreds (sangre pura de carreras) compete. It also has spacious slot rooms with 4,500 state-of-the-art slot machines as well as lounges for social and corporate events that offer varied cuisine and other attractions.

Although HAPSA has relied on Oracle solutions since 2016, it was looking to improve business management. Then the company decided to move from on-premises solutions to the cloud with Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The implementation took about seven months and was planned not only to meet the needs of the company at that time, but also to meet the needs of the new companies that were joining the Dagma business group: Yungueré S.A., a craft brewery, and Mega Alfalfa S.A., which produces dehydrated alfalfa. Both companies, which intend to target international markets in the future, now are using the ERP cloud tool—not only to support their financial processes but also to support the entire supply chain process.

During the pandemic, the product had outstanding performance, because our operation was not affected. I don’t think we could have achieved this without Oracle’s cloud product.

Diego ReynosoCorporate Business Process Manager, Grupo Dagma

Why HAPSA Chose Oracle

The main reason for choosing Oracle Cloud ERP over competitors was that it was the only solution to offer an entirely cloud-based version, allowing full transparency for users as well as for the HAPSA support team.

In addition, HAPSA needed to comply with certain rational and standard management principles. The organization felt that Oracle Cloud ERP, part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, would help it implement best practices for greater operational efficiencies.


By working with a world-class solution such as Oracle Cloud ERP, HAPSA was able to improve its processes: unnecessary expenses are not being approved, no resources are duplicated, and budgetary efficiencies are in place.

Also, during COVID-19 lockdowns, HAPSA kept running from a transactional perspective, thanks to Oracle Cloud ERP. Because the solution is entirely cloud-based, it allowed the operation to keep moving forward while employees worked remotely. The management team could approve processes from their cell phones, and everyone had access from anywhere. HAPSA also enjoyed cost savings: The previous system would have required VPN connections, licenses for remote connections, and increased security, among other hurdles, none of which was necessary with Oracle Cloud.


Oracle Consulting provided sound support for HAPSA’s business needs. Even after going into production, Oracle Consulting has helped to fine-tune the solution to meet users’ needs.

Published:July 29, 2021