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Heilongjiang Mobile Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Mobile Drastically Cuts Costs with Oracle Engineered Systems


By consolidating three databases into a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we ensured continuous telecom service operations and cut maintenance costs by US$30,000 each year. It also reduced power usage by 67%, supporting our energy-saving and emission-reduction target.

— Liu Lei, Senior Manager, Heilongjiang Mobile Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Mobile Reduces Annual Maintenance Costs, Analyzes Service Quality 2x Faster, and Supports Rapid Growth with Oracle

Heilongjiang Mobile Co., Ltd. is an operating subsidiary of China Mobile Ltd., a telecommunication service provider. Heilongjiang Mobile offers a range of services including mobile voice, data, IP telephony, multimedia, internet, and international communications. 

With over 10 million 4G LTE mobile users, Heilongjiang Mobile needed a high-performance, reliable, and scalable database platform to simplify ongoing maintenance tasks, reduce operating costs, and support over 100% growth in mobile network services.
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs for the IT infrastructure by integrating three legacy databases into a single platform to minimize work and support energy-saving and emission-reduction target 
  • Ensure continuous telecom service operations by improving the ability to quickly analyze performance issues and increasing the availability of business-critical applications, such as mobile, internet, and group customer service
  • Cut annual maintenance costs by approximately US$30,000 by deploying a preconfigured, pretested, and pre-tuned Oracle Exadata Database Machine instead of maintaining multiple databases 
  • Reduced data center operating costs, such as power consumption for hardware and air-conditioning, by 67% through the replacement of disparate database and storage servers with a platform that integrates hardware and software
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by accelerating Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing  (OLAP) workloads with Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache and Oracle InfiniBand Fabric and enabling the business to create analysis reports for telecom service quality, including call-dropping rate and network bandwidth, 2x faster  
  • Ensured high availability and minimized disruption to telecom service operations by using Oracle Real Applications Clusters to protect against server failure and Oracle Diagnostics Pack and Oracle Tuning Pack to rapidly identify and resolve performance issues
  • Supported rapid growth by gaining the flexibility to easily expand the capacity of Oracle Exadata Database Machine from eighth rack to a full rack or multi-rack environment and add software license as the business grows


Compared to other vendors, Oracle Exadata Database Machine offers the highest performance and availability due to its pre-integrated hardware and software platform. The engineered system also met our needs to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

— Liu Lei, Senior Manager, Heilongjiang Mobile Co., Ltd.


Heilongjiang Mobile consolidated disparate databases for network management platform and other business-critical applications into a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine. It took only three months to complete the project and went live smoothly with the new private cloud.

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Harbin, China
Heilongjiang Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Ltd.—a telecommunication service provider with a total of 460,000 employees, 880 million customers, and over US$100 billion in annual revenue. Heilongjiang Mobile operates branches in 13 cities and 89 counties in the Heilongjiang province.
Published:  Dec 19, 2017