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Oracle Customer Success—Hospital San Javier

Hospital San Javier

San Javier Hospital Boosts Financial Performance with Oracle


With Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, our financial reports that once took months now take only a few days to prepare—and can be accessed from the mobile devices of top managers. Our IT team can make adjustments to applications directly on the platform, which resulted in substantial annual savings.

— Rocío Díaz, IT Manager, Hospital San Javier

San Javier Hospital Expedites the Creation of Financial Reports, Empowers Decision Makers, and Saves Money with Oracle

Founded in 1994, San Javier Hospital is a private, tertiary referral hospital. Headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico, San Javier has two other branches, which are in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera de Nayarit.

Managers decided to move the hospital management system to a different provider. They adopted Philips ERP Tasy, aiming to improve operational management. However, the former business intelligence platform was limited and unable to process all data provided by the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Managers searched for a more robust business intelligence (BI) solution to get the most out of the new ERP system.

Hospital San Javier logra información oportuna con BICS

Business Challenge
  • Reduce costs related to maintenance and operational adjustments made periodically on the platform, which were previously performed by an external provider
  • Expedite the creation of business management reports
  • Replaced a limited BI solution with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service and streamlined San Javier Hospital’s management processes with the new powerful analytics platform, which allows the creation of financial reports automatically, using data from the company’s ERP system—such as patient invoicing, services costs, medical procedures, and more
  • Reduced annual expenses with updates and adjustments on the former BI platform applications, which were performed by a technology provider whenever managers needed a different financial analysis—Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service offers flexibility for the hospital’s IT team to develop new applications on the platform
  • Eliminated error-prone spreadsheets, as now all information in the hospital’s ERP system is processed automatically on the new platform equipped with best-in-class analytics, creating faster, more accurate financial reports
  • Enabled San Javier’s decision makers to access real-time financial and accountability information online using Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service on their mobile devices, which accelerated strategic business moves 
  • Improved financial negotiations between San Javier and its main customers, health insurance companies, as now the hospital managers have faster access to crucial data related to costs and services, which enabled more assertive adjustments on procedure prices and more
  • Helped top managers make assertive decisions to increase service quality and profits, such as new strategies to attract more patients to certain medical services


Oracle offered a robust, intuitive, and reliable platform with the cloud advantage, which not only cut high maintenance costs, but also permitted the hospital’s top managers to access crucial administrative information from their mobile devices at any time.

— Rocío Díaz, IT Manager, Hospital San Javier

About Hospital San Javier


Guadalajara, Mexico


Founded in 1994, San Javier Hospital is a private institution specializing in medium- and high- complexity medical procedures. San Javier Hospital is headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico, San Javier has two other branches, which are in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera de Nayarit. Each month, San Javier Hospital in Guadalajara caters to 700 patient admissions, 1,700 urgent procedures, 670 surgeries, and over 6,000 exams.


“We learned a lot with each other—we showed Alacontec’s team how we organize our medical data and gained knowledge on cloud and other technical matters. Alacontec offered our managers and IT team two training sessions on how to operate the platform. It was a great experience,” Díaz said.
Published:  Jun 27, 2018