Humanic significantly improves the customer experience using Oracle APEX

The payroll provider upgrades to Oracle APEX to offer customers a secure, feature-rich, enterprise-level experience while also lowering its costs.


The customer experience is a top priority for us. We want to create applications that users will enjoy using. APEX allows us to achieve that while maximizing developer efficiency.

Bradley TolandPresident, Humanic

Business challenges

Humanic provides comprehensive international payroll software, global payroll services, and human resources solutions.

Though it had been a good fit in the past, Oracle Forms no longer gave Humanic the ability to provide customers with a robust, enterprise-level payroll solution. The company needed a new development platform that would give customers a modern user interface and the highest level of security. Humanic also wanted to reuse its proven payroll application code and reduce the effort to bring new applications to market.

Adopting APEX was an easy transition. We added a more intuitive interface while maintaining the core functionality we need.

Bradley TolandPresident, Humanic

Why Humanic chose Oracle

With the broad market adoption of Oracle APEX, Humanic was confident that it would enable the company to recruit developers with the right expertise. In addition, the tight integration between Oracle APEX and its existing Oracle Database setup ensured the company could take advantage of its existing data without the need for additional cumbersome integrations.

Providing the best experience for its customers allows Humanic to retain a competitive advantage. The company expected that APEX would allow developers to quickly implement customer requests, ensuring that customers always had the application capabilities they needed. 

With Oracle APEX, Humanic enhanced its payroll solution while reducing development time by 35%.


Migrating from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX allowed Humanic teams to enhance the Humanic Payroll solution while reducing development time by 35%. The end-user experience of Humanic Payroll improved significantly with responsive screens, single sign-on using Security Assertion Markup Language technology, and graphs and maps to make reports more useful. The payroll solution gained a modern look with Cascading Style Sheets and jQuery, and more security levels with access control lists. Humanic Payroll also delivered easier data loading, file creation, and two-factor authentication with Oracle APEX.

In addition, Oracle APEX and Oracle Database provided the functionality Humanic developers needed without the traditional trade-off of time-consuming data integrations. APEX allowed Humanic to move from file-based integrations to Simple Object Access Protocol web services, Oracle REST Data Services, and RESTFUL Service APIs. The company offers a best-of-breed international payroll solution to clients with seamless ERP-level data integration.

Within 18 months, Humanic transitioned its development team from Oracle Forms, Reports, and Discoverer to Oracle APEX development. The team also redesigned its security and menu system, migrated 200 tables in the Discoverer environment to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, migrated 300 forms into 1,000+ APEX pages, and went live with its first client.

Published:January 13, 2023

About the customer

Humanic provides flexibility and control over complex payroll management processes. The company offers real-time access to accurate information via a fully multinational outsourced solution.