Hunan Zhongda Testing Co., Ltd.

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Hunan Zhongda testing controls project costs with Oracle ERP Cloud


Hunan Zhongda testing strengthens cost control for thousands of projects, boosts profitability, and enhances competitive edge with Oracle

Hunan Zhongda Testing Co., Ltd. (Zhongda Testing) is a flagship company of Zhongda Group. It specializes in providing testing and technical consulting services for over 10,000 engineering projects in China and overseas.
To support business growth, Zhongda Testing wanted to enhance control for project costs and minimize business risk. The goal was to have an integrated ERP cloud across domestic and overseas subsidiaries, providing deeper insight into the performance of each project.

Business challenges

Enhance competitive edge by improving the ability to control costs for engineering projects, such as testing new roads and tunnels 

Make faster business decisions and reduce risk by empowering managers to easily track and manage thousands of testing projects via a unified project management platform

Ensure data accuracy and improve collaboration for project management activities between different business units

Standardize financial management processes across all subsidiaries 

By standardizing the management platform between our head office and over 20 branches with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, we strengthened project cost control and boosted profitability. It also helped to minimize risk and enhance our edge by gaining real-time insight for project performance.

— Yin Xiaobo

Chairman of the Board, Hunan Zhongda Testing Co., Ltd.


Strengthened cost control for thousands of testing projects and boosted profitability by integrating Oracle Financials Cloud with Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 

Enabled executives to easily view and track financials and project information throughout the lifecycle via the cloud, rather than using multiple, disconnected spreadsheets 

Met internal and external financial reporting requirements by automating end-to-end financial processes across more than 20 subsidiaries, providing timely and accurate information to investors and regulatory agencies

Supported better decisions by using Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud’s role-based dashboard and ad-hoc reporting capability to accurately analyze and identify potential risks, such as missing project milestones or overspending labor costs, allowing executives to take immediate corrective actions

Increased competitive edge by gaining real-time insight into the health of all projects, such as contracts, plans, schedules, and costs, across domestic and overseas subsidiaries, thus making it easier for executives to manage and control project performance 

Reduced significant costs and complexity associated with project management by sharing live project transaction data, such as bidding information for tunnel projects, between head office and branches, thus ensuring timely collection of bid bond  

Supported revenue growth by using Oracle ERP Cloud to quickly identify the most profitable customers and geographical areas in China and overseas


Zhongda Testing worked with Oracle Partner, Shanghai Today Infor Tech Co., Ltd. (Today Info) to build an integrated management system based on Oracle ERP Cloud. Today Info assisted in system configuration and testing and provided technical support throughout the implementation.
“With Today Info’s extensive experience and excellent technical skills in Oracle ERP Cloud solutions, we ensured successful implementation and enabled us to realize the benefits faster,” Yin said.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud offered complete and fully integrated cloud services that no other vendors could provide. Its real-time intelligence and best-of-breed reporting capabilities also helped to optimize project management and support our growth.

Yin Xiaobo

Chairman of the Board, Hunan Zhongda Testing Co., Ltd.