Hyreo and Oracle Cloud support hiring for Société Generale

Startup Hyreo’s platform, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle HCM, helped Société Generale build a better onboarding process. 


We’re getting excellent performance on Oracle Cloud and the ability to complement Oracle’s solutions like Oracle Human Capital Management allows us to drive innovation for customers like Société Generale. Oracle’s focus on supporting and nurturing startups makes Oracle for Startups one of the best startup programs globally.

Arun SatyanCofounder, Hyreo

Business challenges

Multinational financial services institution Société Generale had a problem: Staff was growing, but the process for interacting with candidates and onboarding new staff was cumbersome and time consuming, especially in a newly all-virtual world. The company wanted to save time while helping candidates and new staff feel heard and valued. This involved gathering feedback from candidates to understand how they perceived the company during the hiring and onboarding process.

Their ideal solution would also integrate with Oracle Cloud HCM to create a strong, user-centric experience for the hundreds of employees hired each year for the Société Generale Global Solution Center in India. 

It is great to see startups like Hyreo supporting SG GSC business and adding incredible value to the recruiting process through their innovative candidate experience platform. Great product, flexible approach and constant innovation keeps Hyreo on top of their game.

Rathnaprabha ManickavachagamHead of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Société Generale Global Solution Center

Why Hyreo Chose Oracle

South India-based startup Hyreo's candidate experience and automation platform met Société Generale’s requirements. Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the solution employs a natural language processing chatbot and analytics to guide candidates through the application process. It also incorporates Net Promoter Score quizzes to help Société Generale measure itself among applicants.  

When the product was in its earliest stages, Hyreo was selected to be part of Société Generale’s accelerator program. Later, Hyreo joined Oracle for Startups to scale up.

Hyreo had successfully integrated its product onto multiple solutions, but Société Generale wanted proof of the startup platform’s enterprise-readiness. So Hyreo turned to connections made through Oracle for Startups and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to help win the deal. 

"This helped position us better as a viable long-term solution and accelerated the decision in our favor," says founder Arun Satyan.


For Société Generale, Hyreo's platform quickly generated a 20% reduction in overall recruiter effort for manual interventions as well as a 55% increase in positive feedback from candidates 

"Our global solution center in India rolled out Hyreo's candidate engagement platform in July 2020, and the experience has been positive," says Magesh Sambasivan, head of HR for the Global Solution Center (SG GSC).

"Hyreo worked very closely with our HR teams to co-create the candidate relationship platform and released the first phase in a time-bound manner with zero production issues. The deployment of chatbots based on the solutions from Hyreo has given us insights and helped make the candidate experience smoother.”

Published:January 27, 2021