Hytera Communications boosts capability of talent with Oracle HCM Cloud

Hytera Communications centralizes and standardizes HR processes across more than 40 countries and boosts talent capability with Oracle HCM Cloud

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (Hytera Communications) is a Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) solution provider. It provides innovative PMR communications solutions to customers in 120 countries and regions, including governmental organizations, public security institutions, and customers in utilities, transportation, oil and gas, and other sectors.

To support the massive business expansion, Hytera Communications decided to build a human resource management platform for both domestic and overseas employees with an integrated global human capital management (HCM) cloud solution, which helps develop a talent-focused organization and enhance competitive edge.

With our flexible and secure Oracle HCM Cloud solution, we can easily support international expansion by quickly building a global human resource management platform and consistently and efficiently executing talent, compensation, and performance management processes.

Xu ShanHR Vice President, Hytera Communications Corporation Limited

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Business challenges

  • Create a centralized and standardized HR platform to effectively manage employees across more than 40 countries
  • Support talent development strategy with a unified view of employees’ skills and qualifications, such as training certificates for engineers
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of HR functions by automating processes, including performance management, compensation, and work allocation

Why Hytera Communications Corporation Limited Chose Oracle

"With the user-friendly, intuitive, and modern HR platform on Oracle HCM Cloud, our executives and HR team can easily focus on the development of employees and find the right talent to support international expansion."
—Xu Shan, HR Vice President, Hytera Communications Corporation Limited


  • Supported global growth by consolidating employee data and standardizing HR management processes across more than 50 domestic and overseas branches with Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, which helps comply with statutory regulations like income tax
  • Boosted talent capability by enabling executives to gain a complete view of their teams and easily allocate work according to employees’ strengths and work experience 
  • Enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of the evaluation process by providing 360-degree performance feedback, including the rate of goal achievement, the input from employees’ direct managers, and the scores of training and skill tests
  • Ensured the career development of key individuals matched the needs of the organization by enabling the executives to easily view employees profiles, including career path and performance objectives, and manage employee lifecycle
  • Increased HR team productivity and improved the resource utilization by automating compensation processes, such as accounting and approving—instead of complex, error-prone manual processes
  • Improved employee engagement and satisfaction by providing employees with easy access to compensation and benefits statements—for example, by showing the details of their bonus, pension and healthcare programs—thanks to the Social Network function of Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Hytera Communications went live with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud for more than 50 domestic and overseas branches in just 3 months and plans to expand to cover all overseas employees
Published:September 1, 2019

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