ICBC simplifies internal processes with Oracle Cloud HCM

ICBC Argentina relies on Oracle Cloud HCM to simplify and improve internal processes, reducing the administrative burden on its HR team.


I think that one of the advantages of Oracle Cloud HCM is the user experience and the ease with which you can find the different processes or actions you want to perform, which are usually super intuitive. This has made the transition from one model to another very welcome—even above expectations.

Marcelo Fernández SassoHead of Talent Management and Organizational Development, ICBC Argentina

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Business challenges

The financial institution has approximately 3,700 employees and 119 branches across Argentina. Most branches are located in the capital, Buenos Aires, and its greater metropolitan area. The bank currently serves more than 1 million customers.

To retain its standing as one of the most important banks in Argentina, ICBC entered into a digital and cultural transformation that included gaining more agile internal processes as well as self-service tools that were easily accessible and available not only on the bank’s network but from any device, including cell phones.

In addition to its drive to better serve external customers, the bank needed a more effective tool for serving its several thousand employees. With the goal of unifying numerous platforms involved in its human resources management processes, ICBC sought one tool for managing its most important assets—its people—throughout the employee lifecycle, from recruitment, hiring, training, and compensation all the way to retirement or separation.

Many of those activities “were done and documented in spreadsheets that were very hard to access, connect, link to records, and so forth,” says Marcelo Fernández Sasso, head of talent management and organizational development at ICBC. In fact, the bank had different service level agreements defined for the various requests it received from its employees, including salary, compensation, and vacation issues. Employees had no insight into the systems and so were unable to check the status of such things as leave requests and performance evaluations. Staff had to contact managers and support personnel for updates. Resolution could take many days.

ICBC selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), a cloud-native solution that connects HR processes from hire to retire, as the answer to those challenges.

With Oracle, we have a reliable partner next door that shows us, teaches us, and leads us to best practices in human resources management.

Marcelo Fernández SassoHead of Talent Management and Organizational Development, ICBC Argentina

Why ICBC Argentina Chose Oracle

ICBC chose Oracle Cloud HCM because it met the bank’s goal of integrating multiple platforms and application systems into a single tool that unified its human resources management information. In addition, Oracle had the most relevant experience with other customers with needs similar to ICBC’s.

According to Sasso, Oracle Cloud HCM exceeded the bank’s expectations with its easy-to-use interface and self-service capabilities. In addition, the solution simplified processes “that are usually quite complex for the organization and difficult to complete or carry out in a timely manner.”

Moving to the cloud represented some challenges, including some fears that the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), the regulatory body that monitors Argentina’s financial institutions and monetary policies, would not approve ICBS’s move to the cloud with its new system. But the Oracle technology made it possible to overcome that concern.

ICBC also found in Oracle a strategic partner that is always looking to innovate and generate solutions adapted to current needs.


The Oracle Cloud HCM implementation has given ICBC an increase in process transparency and better information about what the organization is doing. This translates to significant time savings.

The solution also provides visibility into internal procedures by generating various notifications and details about steps necessary to complete activities, approvals, and vacations, among other topics—considerably reducing the administrative burden. Previously, getting this information required more time, because the human resources support area had to follow up on each case one by one to know its status.

“Instead of having to access five different applications for different echannel processes,” Sasso says, “now I can do it all from the same application. I look at my receipt, ask for the advance, look at the compensation, look at the development objective I set, or check the organization chart and the structure to know who I can contact in case I have any questions.”

In addition, Oracle HCM Cloud’s self-service capabilities make it possible for users to generate and check on the status of requests without having to rely on help from an HR support intermediary, which translates not only into more time for the HR team to focus on strategic and analytics issues but also into better service for ICBC employees.

“In reality,” says Sasso, “the technology allows us to free the time we usually dedicate to tasks that have little added value.”

Published:August 12, 2021

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