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Oracle Customer Success—Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas

Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas

Instituto de Financiamento de Agricultura e Pescas Improves Efficiency and Increases Number of Subsidy Requests Processed


With Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Capture we can scan several types of forms and provide them to our staff much faster to improve productivity. Today, we can digitize 10,000 forms in a day and make them available the next day. Before, it would have taken up to five days.

— Paulo Calçoa, Head of Unit Management and Document Management, Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas

Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas (IFAP) is a national Portuguese public institute that develops, manages and implements national and European policies related to agriculture and fisheries and provides funding to companies and citizens in those sectors. 

With approximately 300,000 financial beneficiaries, IFAP also implements IT policies and strategies associated with processing and managing documentation and electronic data associated with requests for financial assistance.
Business Challenge
  • Develop an internal electronic document management and processing system that can manage, store, and make available for staff consultation more than 300,000 annual paper forms relating to financial aid for agriculture and fisheries
  • Ensure high levels of worker productivity with a reliable content management environment,  performing automatic and deferred treatment of large volumes of information by night, without causing flaws in the documents’ processing or production losses in employees’ daily work
  • Implement a robust and high performing content management system that can keep pace with peak loads from February to May when farmers and fishermen apply for financial aid
  • Achieve significant productivity gains to deliver higher quality and more efficient service to citizens and businesses linked to agriculture and fisheries, and ensure faster response to requests from beneficiaries
  • Increased the number of financial assistance forms processed by IFAP staff by 500%, achieving an average of 10,000 documents by the various IFAP departments each day – an amount that in the past would have taken five days to process
  • Accelerated substantially the processing speed of large volumes of data—such as scanning, management, archiving, and distribution of approximately 300,000 documents  annually—without productivity loss or IT systems overloads
  • Automated the forms conversion process, now based on document scanning during the day and Excel and Word-to-PDF conversion overnight, giving to staff more free time to deal with daily work
  • Reduced by more than two months the time spent processing requests for financial support for agriculture each year, especially during the peak months, when IFAP receives more than 180,000 application documents
  • Avoided delays in document intake and processing due to scanning errors, ensuring greater resource efficiency and gains in employees productivity
  • Optimized the graphical user interface of IFAP´s main IT system used by 600 employees, providing more direct information about processes on one screen, with access to more menus and improved navigability, to reduce access times to individual processes and relevant information
  • Increased electronic document security through the creation of security groups that distinguish users by role, such as guests, administrators, and more 
  • Leveraged the flexibility of Oracle’s solutions to develop workflows based on the suggestions of IFAP employees, such as business-specific rules to apply to each type of document—incoming and outgoing mail, general internal documents, directive council documents, meeting minutes, and normative papers

Why They Chose Oracle

Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Capture provided a flexible solution to enable document transformation from paper to electronic format, enabling scanning, processing, file conversion, archiving, and electronic availability in an easy way, meeting all IFAP’s unique business needs.

Oracle has a strong presence in the IFAP IT environment, and there is a healthy coexistence and very good synergy between Oracle solutions and other specific applications we use, as they have the ability to process, in a very efficient way, all this massive information—and 90% of the information circulating in the IFAP is now digital.

— Paulo Calçoa, Head of Unit Management and Document Management, Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas


IFAP began to implement Oracle WebCenter Content in mid-2013, involving since the beginning the workstations from all 600 company employees. 

Based on experience with the daily operations and related suggestions from staff using the new Oracle solutions, in early 2014 IFAP changed the main user interface for its IT system, creating new side screens and menus that are easier to access and navigate. 

IFAP continues to develop features to run on the Oracle systems it has already implemented to further streamline operations, such as the ability to deliver online documents to registered beneficiaries and track the number of clicks that a user spends on a particular task.

About Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas


Lisbon, Portugal



Annual Revenue

US$1 to US$5 Billion


IFAP selected Oracle Platinum Partner Timestamp for end-to-end project development and implementation. 

“IFAP already worked with Oracle solutions, and choosing Timestamp as a partner proved to be the right decision, since we have created a ‘true partnership’ relationship with Timestamp. This relationship was fundamental because Timestamp worked with 600 workers from IFAP and implemented many users’ suggestions,” Calçoa said.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Oct 30, 2014