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Oracle Customer Success—Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ildong Pharmaceutical Boosts User Online Shopping Experience with Oracle PaaS


Thanks to Oracle Management Cloud’s log analytics function, we gained the ability to proactively predict, analyze, and resolve potential system errors and increased the loading speed and stability of our online store. This helped to optimize online shoppers’ experience and boost our credibility.

— Jae Yoo Kim, Information Strategy Team Manager, Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ildong Pharmaceutical Increases Business Credibility and Enhances Customer Online Shopping Experience with Oracle

Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a technological leader in the pharmaceutical industry. It develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of products to customers via B2B online store—Ildong Shop. With state-of-the-art research facilities, Ildong Pharmaceutical is recognized as the Korean “National Health Laboratory” and aims to become a global and research-centric specialist by developing new drugs that contribute to the health of humankind. 

Previously, Ildong Pharmaceutical had server performance issues with its online store, creating inconvenience to users and increasing dissatisfaction level. To enhance customer experience and boost company image, Ildong Pharmaceutical wanted to improve its ability to monitor applications performance and ensure stable online operations.
Business Challenge
  • Improve the reliability and stability of its online store and increase customer satisfaction by using an integrated management solution to monitor system performance in real-time, such as the health and availability of databases, servers, and networks for ordering and shipping applications 
  • Expand company credibility by gaining predictive and proactive troubleshooting capability to quickly resolve errors that are not identified in the operating system
  • Enhanced customer experience by using Oracle Management Cloud’s log analytics function to easily monitor, aggregate, and analyze log data from user sessions to ordering and shipping webpages and improving the stability of the online store 
  • Reduced time and cost to diagnose critical errors during peak period by gaining ability to understand and use application topology to provide an accurate picture of the relevant infrastructure component—such as database, web application server, and operating system—and log data that caused performance issues
  • Supported better business decisions, such as developing new drugs that address customer needs, by collecting and tracking log data across all applications and providing 360-degree view of user experience, such as purchasing pattern and browsing history, with Oracle Management Cloud’s built-in dashboard
  • Improved the flexibility and efficiency in resource management by providing end-to-end visibility for application performance and enabling the pharmaceutical company to predict, analyze, and resolve the problem even before users experience issues 
  • Ensured smooth and continuous operation for the online store by enabling easy and fast deployment of Oracle Management Cloud and meeting tight project timeline


Oracle Management Cloud offers powerful log analytics function, enabling us to efficiently predict patterns and anomalies and resolve performance issues for our online store. Oracle Cloud is the perfect solution to increase our productivity and business agility.

— Jae Yoo Kim, Information Strategy Team Manager, Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Ildong Pharmaceutical successfully adopted Oracle Management Cloud after conducting proof of concept over three months and testing for another two months.

About Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$175 Million
Established in 2016, Ildong Pharmaceutical is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers that produces and distributes over 13,000 products, such as probiotic medicine and multivitamin, to customers across multiple countries. With over 76 years of accumulated experience in drug development, Ildong Pharmaceutical is expanding its business into health foods, medical equipment, cosmetics, and drinks, to become a global holistic health care company.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Jan 03, 2018