iLiveIt composes documents 3X faster, cuts costs 20% on Oracle Cloud

The Australian tech provider offers consistent pricing, improves security, simplifies maintenance, and cuts costs with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

We’re now seeing the same consistent performance day after day, week after week.

Donovan SolmsChief Technology Officer, iLiveIt

Business challenges

iLiveIt’s suite of software and services helps enterprises compose and deliver PDFs, data-driven videos, html content, and other forms of “hyper-personalized” customer communications cost effectively and at scale. The company composes and delivers those communications—sometimes millions of PDFs or videos at a time—over virtually any channel, including email, text and OTT messages.

iLiveIt’s biggest technical and business challenge was its inability to deliver consistent performance, pricing, and security, as it used to depend on multiple, sometimes incompatible and unreliable cloud providers across regions. The company, based in Australia with offices in South Africa and Greece, decided it needed to move to a single, robust cloud infrastructure.

We haven’t had any issues on the Oracle Cloud, so we’re very confident that this will really improve and make our lives so much easier.

Donovan SolmsChief Technology Officer, iLiveIt

Why iLiveIt Chose Oracle

After comparing leading cloud infrastructure services from multiple vendors, iLiveIt chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Unlike its competitors, Oracle assigns the full CPU core, not virtual instances, to its infrastructure service, delivering superior, predictable performance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allocates a generous amount of RAM to each server node, which speeds up the startup and processing times for every video and PDF iLiveIt transmits, notes CTO Donovan Solms. Saving  a few milliseconds per video or PDF document adds up considerably when you’re transmitting millions of them in one batch.

Riaan Groenewald, iLiveIt chief operational officer, also pointed to Oracle’s consistency, reliability, and excellent reputation. “Customers have peace of mind that their data and content are secure in a single environment,” Groenewald said.


iLiveIt estimates that, given Oracle’s approach of assigning the full CPU core instead of virtual CPU instances, it can compose and transmit documents about three times faster using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure than it could using its previous patchwork of cloud infrastructure providers.

“We initially thought that this can’t be right,” CTO Solms says. “I mean, it’s such a big leap, but we tested and tested and tested it again, and it turned out to be consistent.”

Standardizing on a single vendor’s robust infrastructure also has improved security, simplified maintenance, and allowed iLiveIt to calculate predictable pricing models for its customers. And having a single account with one vendor simplified billing and enabled iLiveIt to apply credits worldwide.

In optimizing its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure deployment, iLiveIt estimates it will be able to reduce its monthly infrastructure costs by up to 20%. “Just due to knowing when things will be done allows us to stop the workloads much quicker and will save us a lot of money,” Solms says. “We’ll be able to reliably schedule customers’ content to the minute and not be concerned about the peak hours that we’ve been seeing with other clouds. Delivering a personalized and time-sensitive message on time really unlocks a lot of new avenues and services that we can start providing to our customers.”

Published:August 6, 2020