India Pistons cuts costs, boosts productivity using Oracle

Leading auto component manufacturer India Pistons moves from legacy infrastructure to Oracle Cloud ERP.


Earlier, we had to extract information from disparate systems that required us to produce custom dashboards for different teams to assess and analyze information. Oracle Fusion has enabled us to have everything in one place with quick, easy, visual snapshots for individual users to see the status of what's happening, which, I think definitely leads to faster decision-making.

Siddhartha RaoHead, IT Services, India Pistons

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Founded in 1949, India Pistons is one of India's oldest auto component manufacturing companies. Its parent, The Amalgamations Group, is an Indian business conglomerate based in Chennai. It has several business interests in manufacturing tractors, automobile ancillaries, trading, and services.

India Pistons supplies pistons, piston rings, and allied components to both two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturers. The company has multiple manufacturing plants across India. In recent times the company has had to adapt to changing standards in the auto industry and in compliance requirements.

For many years, the company used Oracle E-Business Suite. But its on-premises infrastructure resulted in huge maintenance costs. The company was looking for a product that would optimize costs and enhance productivity, while deploying an effective ERP solution.

Why India Pistons Chose Oracle

The company completed an elaborate survey of available solutions, including SAP HANA and Microsoft Dynamics. But ultimately, India Pistons zeroed in on Oracle Fusion for its functionality as well as its cost advantages. Ease of integration with the company’s other business-critical applications was also a key reason for selecting Oracle Cloud ERP.


After moving from legacy infrastructure to Oracle Cloud, India Pistons reduced operational costs by 30% to 40%. The company increased productivity by cutting back on manual tasks. In addition, the company has been able to reallocate staff into more productive lines of work.

Planning and performance costs have dropped 10% and customer collections have improved by 5%. Also, India Pistons managed to drastically cut the average sales cycle time, as well as the cost of maintaining legacy systems, by migrating to Oracle Cloud ERP.


By engaging with Oracle Consulting for the implementation, India Pistons got access to custom migration scripts for migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. It was also able to reach the product team for answers to key questions, and obtain advance information on roadmaps, which paved the way for a smoother and faster implementation.

Published:April 16, 2021