Indus Towers recruits candidates 2x faster, cuts employment agencies usage, and improves hiring decisions

Founded in 2007, Indus Towers Ltd. is a joint venture of three leading Indian telecom entities—Bharti Group, Vodafone Group, and Aditya Birla Group. With 118,687 towers and 265,606 tenancies spread across15 major telecom circles in the country, Indus Towers is the world’s largest telecom tower company and offers telecom infrastructure-sharing services to telecom operators on a non-discriminatory basis. Its vision is to transform the lives of Indian people by enabling telecom operators to provide wider and more affordable communication services, such as connecting solar power and light to rural villages, and achieve Government of India’s teledensity goals.

Previously, Indus Towers’ talent recruiters used disparate spreadsheets and emails to manage recruitment processes for each telecom circle, such as Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai. This process led to data integrity issues and made it difficult to track candidate information and hiring status, which significantly delayed turnaround time and increased recruitment costs. Indus Towers also wanted to attract more qualified talent in the telecom tower industry and support business growth.

By adopting Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, part of Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud), Indus Towers gained the ability to recruit new employees 2x faster and reduced recruiting agency usage. The solution also enables hiring managers to generate faster reports and make better hiring decisions. Indus Towers also gained a role-based approval process to track job requisitions status and enhanced team collaboration. Finally, Indus Towers simplified onboarding processes to enhance the new hire experience and improve retention.


We selected Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud over SAP because it offers a flexible, intuitive talent management platform, enabling us to retain top talent and support growth. We now recruit candidates 2x faster, have reduced recruiting agency usage, and have cut significant hiring costs.

Shweta SrivastavaHead of Talent Acquisition, Indus Towers Ltd.

Business challenges

  • Provide a centralized talent management platform across 15 telecom circles and enable hiring managers to easily track and manage the entire recruitment life cycle
  • Improve Indus’ hiring efficiency and reduce employment agency costs by gaining ability to track the requisition approval process and identify internal talent faster
  • Simplify onboarding tasks and work seamlessly with business partners to enhance the new-hire experience and retain talent

Why Indus Towers Ltd. chose Oracle

“We chose Oracle HCM Cloud over SAP because of its flexibility, scalability, intuitive tools, integration capability with the existing Oracle platform, and availability of local support. We now work seamlessly with our business partners in multiple locations and have improved hiring efficiency.”

—Shweta Srivastava, Head of Talent Acquisition, Indus Towers Ltd.

After evaluating various vendors, Indus Towers worked with Oracle Diamond Partner, Wipro Limited, to define its business requirements and build the talent management platform based on Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, including Oracle Recruiting Cloud Service and Oracle Onboarding Cloud Service. The project involved system design and user testing.

Indus Towers is also implementing other Oracle cloud solutions as part of its enterprise resource planning transformation project.

Advice from Indus Towers:

  • Be clear with your design and know your business requirements
  • Understand the limitations of the system framework


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Recruits New Employees 2x Faster and Reduces Recruiting Agency Usage

Before implementing Oracle HCM Cloud, Indus Towers had no centralized tool to capture resumes received from employment agencies in multiple locations. Recruiters stored candidate profiles in their hard drives and used separate spreadsheets to manage recruitment processes for each circle. It was difficult for hiring managers to access accurate information while a recruiter was away. With disparate candidate data, it was also time-consuming for recruiters to process a specific recruitment task, such as screening resumes.

By automatically capturing resumes from remote telecom circles with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, Indus Towers gained a single talent management platform and enabled hiring managers to quickly access candidate information without relying on an individual recruiter. Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud’s multitiered screening and assessment tools also helps recruiters to easily determine eligibility and match all internal and external talents, such as energy controller or operations and maintenance manager, for each circle. With the automated offer management feature, recruiters can process up to 29 offers on average per month rather than just up to 10 offers on average per month as in the legacy environment.

“Thanks to Oracle HCM Cloud, we can track and manage the complete recruitment life cycle across all the telecom sites. The automation has increased our recruiters’ productivity and enables us to hire new employees 2x faster,” said Shweta Srivastava, head of talent acquisition, Indus Towers Ltd.

Furthermore, Indus Towers gained the ability to expand its candidate sourcing strategy by linking the talent database with social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn, and major job portals, such as The unified view of talent pool also enables recruiters to rapidly identify high-potential employees and fill 50% of open positions with internal talent. As a result, Indus Towers reduced employment agencies usage and cut recruitment costs.

Supports Faster Hiring Decisions and Improves New Hires Quality

With its legacy manual processes and disparate data sources, Indus Towers could take up to five days to consolidate and verify the reports from different locations. This affected the pace of decision making. By integrating multiple data sources into a single Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, Indus Towers ensured data integrity and eliminated the need for users to log into different systems. The dashboard capability also enabled hiring managers to rapidly create reports, providing insight for hiring status at each telecom circle, including number of offers and vacant positions. This helped to support better hiring decisions, such as defining a new-hire job level or promoting an internal employee to a vacant position.

“Oracle’s powerful analytics and reporting capabilities empowered us to understand key competences and sources of top performers, enabling us to make faster hiring decisions and improve the quality of new hires,” Srivastava said.

Approves Job Requisitions Anytime, Anywhere; Enhances Team Collaboration

Each business unit used to write a note to recruiters via email or text message for new hire requests. There was no visibility of approval process across departments, creating significant challenges for recruiters and hiring managers to track and manage headcount approval.

By using Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud’s flexible workflow feature, Indus Towers can easily configure the requisition template with standardized job descriptions and a pre-defined approver hierarchy. As a result, hiring managers can raise a headcount requisition instantly instead of searching multiple locations for the required information. Senior management also can view and approve requisitions and job offers on their mobile devices without needing to go to the office.

“The dynamic and role-based approval process was a game changer for us. We now have clearly defined responsibilities and a timeline for each headcount requisition, enhancing collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers, and business units, as well as boosting hiring efficiency,” Srivastava said.

Simplifies Onboarding Processes, Enhances New-Hire Experience

Indus Towers works with an outsourced business partner to track and manage its onboarding process. Using Oracle HCM Cloud’s open platform and advanced integration tools, the HR team and the outsourced business partner can simply upload the documents for new hires into the system and share with multiple certified partners, such as those conducting pre-employment health checks or background checks. This capability helped the company to streamline onboarding tasks and minimize the need for duplicated information, providing a smooth and positive conversion experience for new hires.

Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud also provides a centralized view of the progress and completion of onboarding tasks assigned to recruiters, hiring managers, stakeholders, and new hires. Business unit stakeholders, for example, need to prepare for the arrival of new hire, such as requesting an employee number, email address, and workstation. This transparency allows new employees to start work right away and helps to ensure business continuity.

Indus Towers received the 2015 Best Companies to Work Award from Great Place to Work Institute and Gallup Great Place to Work Award for the third consecutive year. “To sustain our leading position in the telecom industry, we need to attract and retain top talent. Thanks to Oracle HCM Cloud, we give confidence to our employees that we can create a dynamic career path and provide better growth opportunities than other companies,” Srivastava said.


  • Gained ability to hire telecom industry candidates 2x faster by automating recruiting processes and enabling hiring managers to easily track and manage end-to-end recruitment cycle
  • Enabled recruiters to rapidly identify potential employees across all telecom circles and fill approximately 50% of open positions with internal talent
  • Enabled recruiters to process 29 offers on average per month rather than just up to 10 offers per month in the legacy environment
  • Reduced recruiting agency usage and cut recruitment costs by gaining a unified view of talent pool with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud
  • Created reports faster by integrating multiple data sources into a single Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud and eliminating the need to consolidate and verify the reports from multiple locations
  • Supported faster hiring decisions and improved the quality of hires by using powerful analytic and reporting capability to provide insight for hiring status in each telecom circle
  • Expanded candidate pool by gaining ability to link the talent database with social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn, and major job portals
  • Enhanced collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers, and business units by providing a role-based approval process to track headcount requisition progress
  • Streamlined onboarding tasks by seamlessly integrating with existing Oracle applications and third-party applications, enabling recruiters to simply upload new hire documents and share with their business partners
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and increased talent retention by providing a centralized view of onboarding tasks progress to ensure a smooth and positive conversion experience for new hires


Wipro assisted Indus Towers to design and configure Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud and provided support to resolve issues during the implementation process.

“Wipro is very flexible and treats its clients seriously. They are just one phone call away and they would bring me to the senior project manager to resolve the issues. We worked hand-in-hand in this project to ensure a great success and reap the benefits of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud,” Srivastava said.
Published:September 1, 2019