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Infosgroup Panama

Oracle Customer Success

Infosgroup Panama reduces costs 80% with Oracle Cloud


Latin American software vendor slashes costs and reduces complexity for itself and corporate customers after adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Business challenges

Infosgroup Panama provides human resources and payroll solutions, as well as software quality assurance, to more than 100 businesses in Panama. The company faced mounting costs installing and maintaining its software for customers on-premises.

The Latin American software provider, founded in 1996, had a partnership with Oracle for more than 20 years. However, Infosgroup Panama needed to modernize even further and transition to the cloud. It sought to eliminate the manual work of installing and configuring servers and software on customer premises, and develop a more dynamic and efficient work environment.

Migrating to the cloud—with Oracle’s aid—was as if we’d been set free. We have a lot more flexibility now, opening up a lot of business possibilities, and opportunities to provide service and value to customers.

Sergio Orrego

Executive President, Infosgroup

Why Infosgroup Panama Chose Oracle

The company chose to migrate to Oracle Cloud to protect customer business continuity, and not risk losing databases or information. Oracle offered reduced costs, and was familiar to users, who were already comfortable with Oracle Forms. And the business wanted to continue to rely on Oracle’s impeccable customer service.


Infosgroup Panama saved 80% in costs after migrating its applications and databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and reduced the time necessary to bring a customer online from 500 hours to a maximum of 60 hours.

The business has transitioned from offering software to its customers running on-premises to software as a service delivered in the cloud. It no longer offers licenses but instead provides a complete infrastructure and application service, reducing costs, including time to configure and upgrade.

The migration reduced infrastructure complexity, allowing IT staff to focus on strategic areas, including expanding to serve small- and medium-size enterprises, and to provide salary and payroll information, which would have been impossible with the traditional on-premises model. The new services have helped improve client satisfaction.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's simplicity and reliability provides greater quality of life for IT staff, who aren't rushing to resolve problems at all times of the day.

Engineers no longer need to spend all their time at the data center taking care of infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure permits those engineers to do their jobs from anywhere, which proved to be a key benefit during the pandemic. COVID-19-related disruptions might have cost Infosgroup Panama half its customers, but with OCI, the company saw no service disruptions and kept all its customers.

We know that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an extremely reliable platform, never failing, never losing data. It's safe, bulletproof.

Sergio Orrego

Executive President, Infosgroup