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With Oracle Cloud, 11880 enhances intelligent search

Need to find someone? This German provider links people and businesses through directory assistance and a range of online services powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

INDUSTRY: Professional Services

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About the customer

Big connections for small businesses

For more than two decades, Munich-based 11880 Solutions AG, known as Telegate AG until 2016, has been bringing consumers and businesses together over the phone and on the internet through fast, reliable search results.

More recently, 11800 has expanded services beyond conventional directory assistance that gives callers phone numbers and addresses. Today it offers strategic digital search services, builds websites, and aggregates more than 90 million recommendations for 1 million small and midsize businesses in Germany.

The second-largest directory service provider in Germany, 11880 Solutions gives small and midsize businesses a competitive edge through industry-specific online marketing services.

We not only help our customers connect with their customers through enhanced directory assistance, we also help them expand those connections through new online services.
Christian Maar, CEO, 11880 Solutions AG

Customer Story

Cheaper, faster, smarter

Providing an intelligent search capability is essential to 11880’s business, and that capability is now faster and less expensive thanks to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which runs on Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure, gives 11880 the flexibility to scale capacity up at peak demand times, then scale back down to minimize costs.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is also four times faster than a comparable Amazon Redshift database, says 11880 CEO Christian Maar. The Autonomous Data Warehouse's self-managing, self-patching capabilities enabled the company to consolidate seven database administrators to just one technical architect compared to the previous Oracle on-premise solution. Return on investment was less than 12 months.

And because Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse updates 11880's records every day, customers are benefiting from the latest, most relevant information.


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Oracle Autonomous Database

11880 realized a return on its investment in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse within 12 months.

Our IT teams were surprised by how easy it was to migrate our on-premise solutions to Oracle Cloud, where we are much faster compared to the past.

Christian Maar, CEO, 11880 Solutions AG