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Using Oracle Cloud, aiconix makes videos better

The startup’s founders depend on Oracle Cloud as they help video creators quickly edit, classify, and label subjects in video clips, produce transcripts, and then prepare videos for final production.

INDUSTRY: Media and Entertainment

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About the customer

Videos people actually watch

Hamburg-based startup aiconix launched an AI platform called aingine in 2018, which helps video creators quickly turn video into data. The platform gives creators a single place to find the best AI-based tools—for things like converting language to text for a transcript, recognizing faces in videos, or identifying when objects or emotions pop up in a video.

The startup is also developing an artificial intelligence platform to analyze viewer behavior and determine which visual and audio elements cause people to stay tuned to videos or films, or which cause them to switch off.

With both its current and visionary products, aiconix uses AI to help creators make better connections with viewers.

The startup can analyze terabytes of audio, video, and graphics each year.

It’s important that our platform is fast, reliable, and doesn’t cost too much money to run, especially when we need to scale as traffic volumes increase.
Eugen Gross, CEO and Cofounder, aiconix

Customer Story

Intelligent media management

Marketers, news agencies, publishers, and entertainment companies are becoming obsessed with measuring audience engagement. They’re turning to companies like aiconix to help them use AI to understand why one video goes viral and another loses viewers.

But training AI models can require analyzing millions of images, each with its own context and distinguishing characteristics. That requires massive amounts of compute, storage, and processing speed, services that are often cost prohibitive to a bootstrapping startup. aiconix needed a flexible cloud infrastructure that allowed it to tap different GPU and virtual machine instance types as needed, while also ramping up when video and graphic memory requirements ballooned.

Relying on the high-performance compute and storage and the flexible GPU shapes within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, aiconix shaved off 84 percent of the cost to run its platform and to train machine-learning algorithms that can analyze millions of video elements.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, aiconix reduced the cost to run its AI-based video analytics platform by 84 percent.

Oracle provides us with the most affordable, secure, high-performance computing platform. Through Oracle for Startups, we’re connecting with more partners and customers.

Eugen Gross, CEO and Cofounder, aiconix