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Hehegu Catering cooks up innovation using Oracle Cloud

This Beijing-based fast food chain, a pioneer in the sale of traditional Chinese cuisine nationwide, is relying on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for the insights it needs to outpace fast-moving rivals.

INDUSTRY: Food and Beverage

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About the customer

Homestyle fast food

Beijing Hehegu Catering Management, founded in 2003, is now one of the 10 largest fast food purveyors in China. The company offers a variety of familiar homestyle Chinese dishes to its more than 19 million on-the-go customers each year, at more than 150 restaurants across China.

In a highly competitive market, product innovation, business efficiency, and market expansion are key. These realities demand that Hehegu uses sophisticated information management to identify emerging consumer trends and optimize the company’s materials procurement, processing, and logistics operations.

China’s food and beverage industry grew 9.5 percent in 2018, a slightly faster pace than the country’s 9 percent total retail sales growth.

After years of effort, Hehegu ingeniously blended traditional Chinese dishes with fast food elements, which have been well received by consumers.
Zhao Shen, Founder and Chairman, Beijing Hehegu Catering Management

Customer Story

Back to the future

In 2003, Hehegu sought to fill a marketplace gap by offering traditional Chinese fare as fast food. The resulting growth was phenomenal, as Hehegu is now in the top 10 of Chinese fast food chains.

It’s a highly competitive business, and innovation informed by advanced data analysis has been key to the company’s growth and competitiveness, says Founder and Chairman Zhao Shen.

Hehegu’s more than 150 restaurants across China handle 60,000 orders per day, generating massive amounts of data. The company uses Oracle Autonomous Database to integrate that data and ultimately exploit it to support business decisions and improve operational efficiency.

The Oracle platform’s real-time data analytics give executives a deep view of marketplace trends and give local operators insights into their spending, marketing, and inventory, which guides sales, inventory, R&D, and pricing. Eight weeks after going live with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Hehegu reduced operational costs by avoiding unnecessary material loss with cost controls in place during production.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Hehegu is able to rapidly build clear customer profiles and obtain real-time insights into trends and other factors that affect sales.

With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we broke down data silos and established a real-time data-based information-sharing platform.

Zhao Shen, Founder and Chairman, Beijing Hehegu Catering Management