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INDETAIL puts blockchain to work with Oracle Cloud

Hoping to attract innovative, investment-worthy partners for socially aware projects, Japan's INDETAIL is developing blockchain networks built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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About the customer

Blockchain is changing business

INDETAIL, based in the Japanese city of Sapporo, is looking to spearhead the global development of blockchain distributed ledger networks, working with investment-worthy partners on innovative, socially conscious projects.

The aspiration of CEO Daisuke Tsuboi: Launch 100 blockchain companies in a variety of industries.

Among INDETAIL’s projects so far are a token-based electric transportation system for seniors; a joint effort with Hokkaido Electric Power on electric vehicle charging stations in rural areas; and the Riso Card, a digital wallet that supports online currencies and enables fingerprint identification.

Rather than selling technology, Oracle has partnered with INDETAIL with a vision to help the company create new blockchain-based businesses, says CEO Daisuke Tsuboi.

We’ll encourage open innovation by creating areas where these technologies can be utilized, conducting prototyping, then investing in companies that have volunteered to participate.
Daisuke Tsuboi, CEO, INDETAIL

Customer Story

Pushing blockchain’s boundaries

INDETAIL started life as an IT services firm, then expanded with its second core business as a smartphone games developer, one of the frontier companies in Japan. In 2017 it transitioned again, into a blockchain business developer, a change that required significant retooling.

The company migrated its cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, on which it runs the foundational technology of its business, Oracle Blockchain Platform, says CEO Daisuke Tsuboi.

INDETAIL’s development team is saving money and resources by tapping Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute and storage capacity on demand, while Oracle Blockchain Platform is both stable and flexible, helping INDETAIL affirm the viability of its ambitious blockchain projects.

INDETAIL's global plans (tagline: Upgrade The World!) are well-served by the Oracle platform, which supports engineering teams in Tokyo, Ho Chi Min City, and Munich. (Berlin is coming soon.) Equally important is Oracle itself. “They’re a powerful ally because they provide robust support,” Tsuboi says.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Blockchain Platform

Using Oracle Blockchain Platform, INDETAIL is able to build prototype distributed-ledger networks, showing partners the advantages of blockchain’s shared data and trusted transaction capabilities.

We need a partner with passion, new ideas, industry-leading technologies, and, most important, people who will drive the project for us. I’m grateful to have Oracle’s support.

Daisuke Tsuboi, CEO, INDETAIL