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Kerry EAS Logistics widens its influence with Oracle Cloud

Kerry EAS Logistics, a logistics leader, outpaces its rivals by diving deep into business data using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

INDUSTRY: Shipping and Logistics

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About the customer

Making data do more

Kerry EAS Logistics provides supply chain services worldwide, marshaling 46,000 employees in 53 countries and territories.

Chinese companies have been slow to embrace third-party logistics services, so there’s considerable market upside, says IT Director Yichen Xu. However, other logistics heavyweights are quickly moving into this market.

To stay ahead of competitors, Kerry EAS Logistics is developing a “data plus analytics” platform to aid executives in diagnosing problems and identifying new opportunities to grow the company’s business.

The company won the title of Asian Third-Party Logistics Provider of the Year in 2019.

Our expertise extends beyond the mechanics of logistics into diverse business and cultural considerations that affect the seamless movement of cargo.
Yichen Xu, IT Director, Kerry EAS Logistics

Customer Story

Tools for intelligent logistics

Kerry EAS Logistics is always committed to providing customers with attentive express service. To reduce costs and improve efficiency while ensuring the quality of service, the company selected Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to capture data logic in complex business scenarios.

It used to take the company 30 minutes to analyze its 100 million-plus data records. Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the analysis results render in just 10 seconds. Monthly and weekly reports are now replaced with real-time ad-hoc reports, greatly increasing the efficiency of business analysis. In addition, with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Kerry EAS Logistics built delivery timeliness and delay profiles to enhance efficiency, and reduced 3% of its logistics costs by eliminating previously undiscovered waste. Also, the auto-provisioning, auto-optimizing, and self-securing Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse significantly reduced IT management costs.

It took Kerry EAS Logistics only two months to implement Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. "We're able to pull accurate and relevant data for analysis in real time to help our executives swiftly adjust business strategies," Xu says.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Among many other things, Kerry EAS Logistics uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to identify truck loading rates so that it can combine loads to cut personnel costs.

Oracle Autonomous Database allows us to subscribe and pay only for the resources we use without interrupting business processes, which can help lower the cost significantly and achieve higher return on IT investment.

Yichen Xu, IT Director, Kerry EAS Logistics