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Maxim’s serves up tastier dishes with Oracle Cloud

From Jade Garden to Simplylife, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group serves meals at more than 1,700 outlets across Asia. They use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to analyze patrons’ experiences and loyalty.

INDUSTRY: Food and Beverage

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About the customer

Principled growth

Founded in 1956 as a catering company and maker of world-famous MX Mooncakes, Maxim’s Group has grown steadily over the years by establishing new food service businesses, and by franchising outlets that serve Chinese, Asian, and western cuisine, ranging from coffee shops, bakeries, and chain restaurants to institutional catering.

With more than 1,700 outlets across the Asia Pacific region, Maxim’s Group makes millions of data records every day. Maxim’s Group adheres to the Chinese principle of “three benefits”—for employees, customers, and shareholders. The strategy has helped it ensure growth and brand loyalty for more than 60 years.

Maxim’s Group serves more than 600,000 sales transactions and creates millions of data records every day in Hong Kong alone.

Our vision is to provide foods that impress every client, and boost Maxim’s brand image in Asia.
Keith Siu, CFO, Maxim’s Group

Customer Story

Impress every patron

Leaders at Maxim’s Group believe they’ve been able to grow from a small caterer to more than 1,700 outlets across Asia by constantly exceeding the expectations of their diverse clientele. Now they’re taking advantage of data analysis from millions of transactions a day to better understand their patrons’ experiences and gauge restaurant performance.

With those goals in mind, Maxim’s Group built a data analysis infrastructure around Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It allows the company to reduce infrastructure costs, database maintenance workload, and data migration time—even as the IT team brings in more data from point-of-sale and other business systems and combines it with social media and other unstructured data. That process allows “for a much deeper understanding of our market and consumers,” CFO Keith Siu says.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Moving to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse immediately improved performance of real-time queries and has enabled Maxim’s to scale up or down in a few minutes as needs change, dramatically reducing database costs.

Now we can efficiently process all data from reservation, takeout, digital payment, coupons, and other business systems with the powerful analysis capability provided by Oracle.

Keith Siu, CFO, Maxim’s Group