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Oracle Cloud helps MESTEC lift factory performance

MESTEC’s cloud-based software relies on Oracle Autonomous Database with Azure Interconnect to help makers of everything from cupcakes to submarine parts streamline their operations and raise employee productivity.

INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing
LOCATION: United Kingdom

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About the customer

Optimize manufacturing

UK-based MESTEC gives manufacturers of all stripes—from makers of industrial turbines to orthopedic hips to pastry pies—a platform to constantly refine their manufacturing execution.

Its cloud-based software connects to a customer’s ERP system and integrates with other manufacturing and automation systems to monitor labor and other processes second by second—giving customers detailed, timely information about things such as labor effectiveness and material usage. Companies use that data to refine processes, raise quality, and make their people more productive.

MESTEC has more than doubled its customer base in the last two years.

We can implement our product in a cookie factory or in a missile factory…and the software feels like it's been written especially for that customer.
Mark Carleton, CEO, MESTEC

Customer Story

Increase competitive advantage

Manufacturers face a new industrial revolution as global competition pushes them to find ever more innovative ways to raise output and polish quality, while spending less.

Top manufacturers across industries are choosing MESTEC’s cloud-based software to meet the challenge. They use MESTEC to track, measure, and optimize the manufacturing lifecycle—with a premium on labor productivity, because even in the age of automation, people are still at the heart of most manufacturing processes, says company director Mark Carleton.

Since moving to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing and connecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure via the interconnect, MESTEC has been able to lower its own labor and equipment costs, because Oracle’s Autonomous Database handles many IT processes that used to require hands-on work. The company is running customers’ 24/7 workloads much faster and more reliably, with zero downtime.

MESTEC’s solutions built on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing are 100% compliant with automatic disaster recovery, further enabling customers to reduce their compliance and regulatory burden, as well as audit and regulatory requirements, which can amount to 25% of costs related to manufacturing. The Oracle and Microsoft Interconnect provides secure, dedicated, fast and consistent speed. It improved overall application performance by an average of 10%. Interconnect also allows MESTEC to pool multiple sessions on Azure to optimize the number of app services they deploy.

MESTEC can now onboard new customers of any size from auto-scaling capacity, at zero upfront cost, and accomplish that in about eight weeks for greater competitive advantage and growth.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Cloud and Azure Interconnect

With Oracle Autonomous Database and the Oracle Cloud to Azure interconnect, MESTEC cut its labor and infrastructure costs in half compared to its on-premise environment and workloads run up to 600% faster with half as many CPUs.

Oracle's Autonomous Transaction Processing Database is the foundation of our solution. It patches, maintains, and tunes itself, providing a more secure environment. We now have reduced our risk with an always-on, always-patched system.

Mark Carleton, CEO, MESTEC