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Oracle Cloud helps Phenix stream real-time video

Phenix improves the online entertainment and sports experience by delivering synchronized video streams to millions of viewers, around the world, by running its platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

INDUSTRY: Communications
LOCATION: United States

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About the customer

A better entertainment experience

Entertainment companies and sports leagues know that the social aspect is significant: It's simply more fun when viewers can share their reactions right in the moment. Unless, that is, if some see a soccer goal or awards-show announcement 30 seconds after their friends, who’ve ruined the suspense by live-tweeting their reactions.

Phenix Real Time Solutions addresses that challenge for event broadcasters by using its own real-time streaming technology. Phenix delivers a video stream tailored to each end user’s internet connection speed and quality. No matter where they are, Phenix makes sure that everyone enjoys the same play at the same instant–without frustration from buffering, delays, and spoilers.

Some 28 percent of sports fans will stop watching a game or event after encountering just a single problem with the streaming video.

By leveraging the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform, we're able to reduce our bandwidth cost, which allows us to offer very competitive pricing for our customers as well.
Stefan Birrer, Chief Software Architect and Cofounder, Phenix

Customer Story

Staying ahead of the play

Phenix Real-Time Solutions leverages its own proprietary algorithms running on Oracle Cloud technology to deliver real-time entertainment across the internet.

The company’s code lets users watch real-time content in the same frame at the same timeregardless of the device, operating system, or network connection quality.

Phenix’s software leverages the compute, storage, and networking capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to encode video streams and deliver them worldwide. Oracle Cloud allows Phenix to deliver streams with latency below half a second. It takes less than a second to deliver the first frame on a live stream.

Compared to other services the company tested, Oracle Cloud reduced costs for processor-based workloads by 40 percent, while lowering expense of delivering streaming data to end users by 70 percent.

What’s more, Phenix relies on Oracle Cloud for scalability when an event suddenly adds thousands of new viewers. Phenix can spin up new video-encoding servers in as little as 14 seconds.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Using Oracle Cloud, Phenix streamed a global TV awards program to millions of internet viewers 100x faster than the show's major network host could manage on its own. Phenix streamed with a half-second latency compared to the TV host's 93-second latency.

Most streaming providers today don’t deliver an optimal user experience due to rebuffering, latency, or even freezes. We’ve done away with those issues.

Stefan Birrer, Chief Software Architect and Cofounder, Phenix