ING takes control of software estate with Oracle License Management Services

ING eliminates software audits and compliancy risks by taking control of software entitlements in cooperation with Oracle

ING Bank NV is a global financial institution with a strong European base, offering banking services through its operating company, ING Bank, which has more than 51,000 employees providing retail and wholesale banking services to 36.5 million customers in over 40 countries.

ING’s strategy is to focus on digital leadership, develop analytics to understand its customers better, increase the pace of innovation, and think beyond traditional banking by offering new services focusing on an omnichannel ‘anytime, anywhere’ approach driven by digital transformation. ING has been an Oracle customer for many decades and has a large footprint of Oracle database, middleware, and applications.

By engaging Oracle License Management Services, we found the way to substantiate consistent business processes, which means that we will never again be exposed to or in risk of non-compliance. We now have the licensing knowledge that provides us full control over our software assets, and the mechanism and trust installed to discuss things together.

Marc Van OorschotGlobal Head of Software Asset Management, ING Bank NV

Business challenges

Lessen the risk and associated financial implications of being non-compliant with Oracle license contracts

Establish full control of Oracle software entitlements through knowledge of licensing metrics and policies

Gain greater visibility into actual database, middleware, and applications usage within the international bank to help manage the full lifecycle of Oracle assets

Oracle license metrics are complex, but by engaging with Oracle License Management Services, which knows the ins and outs better than any other service, we now have the benefits of understanding and controlling our software entitlements and, above all, of avoiding compliance troubles down the line.

Marc Van OorschotGlobal Head of Software Asset Management, ING Bank NV


Worked with Oracle License Management Services to gain control over software entitlements and become fully compliant in the usage of Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware, and Oracle Applications—allowing the global financial services company to develop its digital transformation with complete peace of mind

Developed a trusted relationship with Oracle License Management Services involving periodic documentation and reporting of Oracle software assets, thus avoiding unscheduled software audits and costs, while supporting ING’s corporate finance and risk transformation program

Attained full understanding of software asset management through Oracle Enterprise Manager and other tools provided by Oracle License Management Services for conducting measurements of technology usage in the bank in relation to contract entitlements and license agreements

Strengthened relations between the bank and Oracle through frequent dialog around the contractual usage and deployment of software products within ING’s Unlimited License Agreement, circumventing unforeseen financial surprises

Gained comprehensive insights into the bank’s deployed Oracle estate, enabling ING to identify underutilized assets and align licensing requirements to actual business needs

Published:February 21, 2018