Ingram Micro turns to lead management from Oracle Eloqua

The IT product distributor nurtures the audience of its global virtual event with Eloqua’s lead scoring model, driving engagement.


We use Oracle Cloud to transform our business which has allowed us to attract new vendors. We build campaigns with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation to deliver the right message to the right people every time.

Florencia GannioDirector of Global Marketing, Ingram Micro

Business challenges

With $49 billion in annual revenue and customers in 160 countries, Ingram Micro helps its customers get more value from information technology, with a focus on cloud, mobility, technology lifecycle, supply chain and technology solutions.

In 2020, the company was preparing for a virtual version of its annual Global ONE event. With six months to go before the event, Ingram Micro needed to nurture an audience for the event, reaching across the company’s four regions—North American, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC—to deliver a precise and relevant message to potential attendees.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation has allowed our team to deploy dynamic campaigns that respond to a customer’s reactions in real time.

Florencia GannioDirector of Global Marketing, Ingram Micro

Why Ingram Micro Chose Oracle

Ingram Micro relied on Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation for the campaign. While the company has a strong history with Oracle, what made Oracle Eloqua stand out from other options is how the software handles data. Business units across Ingram Micro each have their own needs and requirements, but they all involve customer information drawn from multiple sources. Oracle Eloqua, part of the Oracle CX suite of applications, made connecting with customers easier because it can connect and use data across sources.


The use of Eloqua allowed Ingram Micro to nurture the audience for its Global ONE Ingram Micro Virtual event while gaining new information about their audience. Every contact was updated with engagement information, profile data, and updated lead scoring. This information would then be sent to the sales team for following up.

The six-month campaign was divided into three segments. Phase one involved sending nurturing content, phase two targeted building awareness of business resiliency solutions, and the third focused on training offerings. Existing customers were segmented into audiences.

The marketing campaign received a 30.46% unique open rate for phase one and a 27.80% unique open rate for phase two. Phase three yielded a 20.11% unique open rate. Oracle Eloqua helped create 8% year-over-year growth and an impressive pipeline.

Oracle Eloqua was an attempt to personalize marketing efforts. Teams using Eloqua can now track and follow up with leads while placing the customer at the center of efforts. The AI technology that personalizes emails in Eloqua provides a human way to provide attention to individuals at scale. Teams inside Ingram Micro are also experiencing better time management and agile ways to complete tasks.

These changes earned Ingram Micro recognition in Oracle’s 15th Annual Markie Awards. Ingram Micro was a finalist for the Cultivator Award for Best Lead Management Program.


Ceibo Digital Marketing Agency helped develop the solution with in-house talent from Ingram Micro.

Published:November 12, 2021