InnovationQuarter relies on Oracle to help bring investments to Netherlands

Economic development agency in the Netherlands taps the AI capabilities of Oracle DataFox to identify companies that could spark innovation in the region.


The added value of what Oracle DataFox brings is that it's combining the expertise and the soft skills of the people in my team with hard data, with dynamic data. We now only need about 2 to 3 hours to prepare for a foreign show, for a trade show, or a foreign trip. Before, we needed about two days to prepare.

Chris van VoordenDirector Foreign Investments and Internationalization, InnovationQuarter

Business challenges

InnovationQuarter is a regional economic development agency in the Netherlands, targeting companies that are looking to expand to the Netherlands and Europe.

The company’s goal is to find and support foreign companies interested in setting up their businesses in the West Holland region. InnovationQuarter looks for enterprises that have potential in the European market.

The agency needed a solution that was dynamic and that could support efforts to stimulate innovation in the region. InnovationQuarter wanted to be able to track the companies that were already active in the region and promptly identify growth opportunities.

Additionally, the InnovationQuarter team normally goes to numerous trade shows and foreign events. The company needed a tool to identify businesses  that have already shown interest in expanding to the Netherlands or Europe. Staffers needed a solution to complement their efforts and help base decisions on verified, intelligent data.

During the COVID pandemic, this approach changed, and the team moved to digital webinars and virtual trade shows. Though the event format changed, InnovationQuarter maintained its commitment to analyzing and capitalizing on real data.

The future for InnovationQuarter is that we don't only work more with smart data and with innovative companies like Oracle, but that we are also supporting and helping these companies that set up businesses in our region.

Chris van VoordenDirector Foreign Investments and Internationalization, InnovationQuarter

Why InnovationQuarter Chose Oracle

InnovationQuarter wants to continue attracting innovative companies that use cutting-edge technologies to come to the Netherlands.

Partnering with Oracle DataFox allows InnovationQuarter to stay ahead of the curve by taking advantage of the power of dynamic data and identifying the best opportunities for investment.


The agency implemented Oracle DataFox to deal with the complexity of identifying the best new opportunities for the regional economy. 

InnovationQuarter uses Oracle DataFox in two main ways: First, it monitors foreign companies that are already settled in the region, because the company wants to help those companies grow further.

Second, it often goes to foreign events and trade shows, which attract a large number of attendees. InnovationQuarter uses DataFox to find the right companies that have already indicated they are looking to expand to the Netherlands or Europe.

The added value of Oracle DataFox comes from combining the expertise and soft skills of the InnovationQuarter team with hard, dynamic data.

In 2019, InnovationQuarter supported 56 foreign companies to set up their businesses or expand their companies in the Hague area. These companies together will create around 2,810 jobs in the coming three years and will invest 424 million euros in the regional economy.

Published:January 26, 2021