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IntellectEU Inc.

Oracle Customer Success

IntellectEU leads blockchain adoption in financial services with Oracle


IntellectEU introduces Catalyst, a bridge between blockchain and traditional financial platforms, with Oracle Blockchain Platform

IntellectEU has more than 10 years of hands-on financial integration experience. IntellectEU has been using blockchain technology to build Catalyst, its proprietary integration platform, which easily connects traditional financial services infrastructures with any enterprise distributed ledger technology (DLT) network.

Business challenges

Enabling financial services providers to connect business applications, financial market infrastructures, and blockchain networks without any disruption to back-office functions

Help financial services providers minimize risks and costs associated with emerging technologies when adopting blockchain

Provide financial services organizations with flexible back-office integration, with open architectures for higher performance and virtually unlimited scalability, and with user-friendly tools for operational monitoring

Seamlessly connect blockchain-enabled fintech applications with legacy banking applications through application programming interface (API) frameworks

The financial services industry is under pressure to innovate faster than ever while continuing to run efficiently and securely. We chose Oracle Blockchain Platform because of the many benefits it can provide to our clients. Oracle Blockchain Platform delivers high-performance, trusted data, and security right of out the box—and can be quickly integrated with existing applications.

Hanna Zubko

CEO, Co-Founder, IntellectEU Inc.


Leveraged Oracle Blockchain Platform and other blockchain technologies to create Catalyst, an ISO20022-compliant platform built for the financial services industry that integrates blockchain with back-office applications and legacy systems to ensure their co-existence within a single infrastructure

Created efficient customer services across the financial services sector with a fully scalable blockchain environment on  Oracle Blockchain Platform to offer affordable  transfers, easy investment, and end-to-end tracking

Reduced operational costs with out-of-the-box adherence to the strict non-functional requirements such as high availability, resilience, reliability, data at rest encryption, and continuous data (ledger)backup

Leveraged the strong global presence and reach of Oracle in the financial services sector to integrate Oracle Blockchain Platform in IntellectEU’s offering as a secure and confidential permissioned blockchain with global provisioning, built-in monitoring, and autonomous recovery. 

Enabled financial institutions to focus on their digital transformation journeys and monetize their digital business by outsourcing the risks associated with early standards development, volatile business models, and evolving compliance requirements

Created a business environment that drives productivity, speed, and innovation by cutting the costs associated with hiring staff and deploying tools to support legacy technology and complex architectures.

Reduced the costs of fraud and regulatory compliance by enabling financial institutions to extend enterprise boundaries and integrate their Oracle Cloud applications and on-premises applications with distributed digital ledgers that store tamper-proof records

IntellectEU is proud to be part of the unique ecosystem that Oracle has created—it offers the industry-leading technology and the strong business relations that our customers need.

Hanna Zubko

CEO, Co-Founder, IntellectEU Inc.

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Published: February 27, 2019