Interplast increases database performance by 2X with OCI

Industrial manufacturer migrates Infor to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for increased performance and application security while reducing costs.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps us guarantee maximum availability, performance, and security for our enterprise applications. This enables us to streamline business processes and support business growth.

Bosco Sabu JohnIT Manager, Interplast

Business challenges

Interplast, part of Group Harwal Manufacturing Technologies, was established in 1981 to manufacture PVC compounds. Over the last few decades the company diversified into various PVC-based products and applications. It ran its Infor enterprise applications—including manufacturing, distribution, finance, and supply chain management—on top of on-premises Oracle Databases.

Faced with costly and extensive hardware maintenance that limited the company’s ability to upscale its infrastructure, Interplast started looking for an elastically scalable database solution in the cloud that would enable it to increase application performance and support business growth. The company also required an extensive set of security features to protect its infrastructure, applications, and Oracle Databases. This would allow the organization to build a stronger disaster recovery strategy and ensure business continuity.

Maintaining high availability for its Infor applications was another focus area for Interplast because it would help the company increase customer satisfaction, maintain customer trust and loyalty, and improve operational excellence.

Lastly, Interplast was also concerned with decreasing operating costs associated with the maintenance and performance tuning of its Oracle Databases, as well as keeping cloud migration costs as low as possible.

We are delighted to secure our enterprise applications and run them at peak performance on OCI at a fraction of our previous on-premises costs.

Bosco Sabu JohnIT Manager, Interplast

Why Interplast chose Oracle

Interplast chose a multicloud approach. The company moved its workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because OCI provided the optimum performance to support its Infor enterprise applications, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, and supply chain management.

The lower total cost of ownership was another factor behind the organization’s decision to migrate its workloads to OCI. Additionally, OCI’s extensive security features, as well as support for multiple Oracle Databases, weighed heavily in the company’s decision-making process.

Interplast lowers its total cost of ownership by 20% while deploying a Maximum Availability Architecture on OCI.


By migrating its Oracle Database workloads to Oracle Enterprise Database Service on OCI, Interplast increased the reliability of its enterprise applications. Taking advantage of OCI’s on-demand scalability, the company removed the time required for on-premises hardware procurement, delivery, and installation.

The organization could quickly provision IT resources to support agility and business growth. Currently, Interplast sees a 2X increase in system performance for its database workloads.

Using Oracle Data Transfer Appliance, Interplast moved several Oracle Databases holding 3.5 terabytes of data to OCI. The company used the built-in security features of OCI—including the powerful AES-256 encryption—to help ensure data security and prevent any unauthorized access.

Interplast tapped OCI’s security capabilities to help protect its infrastructure and enterprise applications from cyberattacks.

Using OCI Block Volume, the industrial manufacturer performs automated, scheduled backups and retains the data based on its backup policy.

By storing multiple data copies across storage servers with built-in repair mechanisms between the production site and the disaster recovery site, the company aims to protect against data loss and increase business responsiveness. Furthermore, Interplast helps ensures business continuity with an adequate disaster recovery strategy.

With OCI Flexible Load Balancer, Interplast automatically routes traffic across multiple fault and availability domains in Oracle’s Dubai data center. Coupled with a strong disaster recovery strategy in the Oracle Cloud data center in Abu Dhabi, the company increases the availability of its resource-demanding workloads and helps ensures business continuity in case of a disaster.

Interplast expects to decrease its total cost of ownership  over the course of 5 years by AED 1.5M due to Oracle Cloud’s pay-per-use pricing model.


To migrate its enterprise applications to OCI, Interplast enlisted the help of Oracle Cloud Lift Services. The organization migrated Interplast’s enterprise applications and Oracle Databases to OCI. The deployment started with an extensive testing phase, which was followed by a successful deployment in May 2022. The migration was completed on time and on budget.

Published:November 8, 2022

About the customer

Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Interplast Company Limited is a leading industrial manufacturer that offers electrical products, plastic compounds, Thermoformed products, flexible packaging materials, and home improvement products. With operations in the UAE and other Middle East countries, and group operations in Europe and the US, the company serves a range of industries, including public sector and construction.