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Oracle Customer Success

Isapa boosts performance and cuts costs with Oracle


Isapa improves system performance by 45%, saves 35% in tech structure updates, and increases security with Oracle.

Business challenges

  • Replace outdated, off-warranty servers with modern technology
  • Increase Isapa’s system security and avoid shutdowns resulting from unexpected events
  • Improve the company’s system performance 

Oracle Cloud took a burden off our shoulders—our tech infrastructure is finally totally secure, not vulnerable to unexpected events. With Oracle IaaS, our enterprise resource planning system became more agile and efficient, and we saved 35% of costs for a physical tech infrastructure upgrade.

Cecília Bengozi

IT Manager, Isapa

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Isapa is a bike parts and accessories importer and distributor in Brazil, operating in the business-to-business (B2B) segment. Founded in 1962 in São Paulo, the company also trades auto parts since 1998. Still headquartered in São Paulo, Isapa has three subsidiaries in Vila Leopoldina (SP), Vitória (ES) and Itajaí (SC).

In 2016, Isapa decided to move its in-house server infrastructure to the cloud while partnering with reputed companies. Isapa was looking for a solution to help accelerate customer orders entries, which are made via external sales teams or a toll-free phone, and streamline internal administrative processes. The goal was to increase efficiency and improve the company's system security, while eliminating its vulnerability to unexpected events.


Replaced 27 physical servers with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Compute for Oracle Public Cloud and improved the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s performance by 45%, which halved the time clients spend with operators over the phone and increased customer satisfaction

Saved 35% of costs associated with a standard server physical infrastructure upgrade to replace an off-warranty technology, plus typical operational costs such as electricity, technical support, license fees, etc.

Increased Isapa’s system security by eliminating vulnerabilities from unexpected events that could damage the physical servers—in the past, a burst pipe in the office building put the entire server structure at risk

Expedited the creation of financial reports and reviewing processes over tax reports by 70%, increasing management efficiency—while the prior platform had to work overnight to review tax reports, Oracle IaaS can accomplish that task during regular business hours    

Simplified the expansion of server infrastructure’s capacity when needed with the scalability of Oracle Cloud, as it no longer requires the purchase of new physical machines—the time to implement new applications dropped from 70 days to only 30 days

Enhanced IT resources management and improved cost control, as the new platform provides Isapa managers with detailed reports on the applications used by each of the company’s branches

Bolstered the IT’s young team motivation as technicians now work with a modern, innovative technology and dedicate less time performing basic operations on the platform

Used Oracle Content and Experience Cloud to improve the company’s end-to-end content management lifecycle, from creation to archiving

Improved Isapa’s employees and customer engagement with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

We tested our TOTVS ERP system on Oracle Cloud, and it had outstanding performance. It ran much faster. We analyzed a similar solution from Microsoft, but Oracle offered the most secure infrastructure, excellent technical support, and best payment terms—flat fee, regardless the upload and download volume.

Cecília Bengozi

IT Manager, Isapa