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Oracle Customer Success — Joeun I&S

Joeun I&S

Joeun I&S Increases Business Agility with Oracle IaaS


By deploying our company’s personal information protection cloud solutions with Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, we gained the required flexibility and scalability to meet fluctuating SMB customer demands.

— Kyoung-Taek Song, Director, Affiliated Research Center, Joeun I&S

Joeun I&S Delivers Better Services to SMB Customers, Lowers Upfront Costs, and Supports Expansion to Global Markets with Infrastructure as a Service

Joeun I&S is a midsize system integrator and personal information protection solutions provider in Korea. It is also an Oracle Specialized Partner that provides services to customers across various sectors, such as government, education, and corporations.

After winning key contracts from the Korean Army and the Ministry of Defense to implement Blue X-ray—a personal information protection solution—via the cloud rather than on-premises, Joeun I&S wanted to build a new IT infrastructure to support increasing demands of the solutions and support its growth to small-to-medium businesses (SMB) in the global market.

  • Provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure that is capable of quickly deploying the personal information protection cloud solution and meet the growing needs of SMB customers due to the enactment of new Personal Information Protection Act
  • Support global growth by minimizing high upfront costs—such as purchasing and installing hardware—for SMB customers to adopt personal information protection solution
  • Increased business agility by using Oracle Compute Cloud Service to easily and rapidly scale up and down the deployment based on SMB needs, such as developing new services to support the changes in the personal information protection legislation
  • Offered solutions at competitive prices and supported expansion to SMB in the global market by using a flexible and scalable Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to deploy personal information protection cloud solutions and reducing substantial initial investment costs for customers
  • Delivered consistent and high quality infrastructure service to customers by gaining complete control and flexibility to configure CPU, memory, and operating systems on demand and providing complete visibility of resource usage and network traffic via a self-service portal
  • Minimized business risk by using Oracle Storage Cloud Service’s enterprise-grade data encryption and self-healing technologies to reliably and securely backup and restore business-critical data while maintaining the highest level of data availability
  • Enabled the company to easily and quickly migrate the database from another vendor to Oracle IaaS by using industry standard OpenStack REST API to simplify integration    
  • Ensured continuous and smooth infrastructure service provided to customers by gaining 24/7 professional and real-time monitoring of the system with Oracle Cloud


Compared to other cloud vendors, Oracle Infrastructure as a Service offered the best scalability and cost efficiency. Our long-term business relationship with Oracle also gave us the confidence that Oracle is a trusted partner, helping us to expand to SMB in the global market.

— Kyoung-Taek Song, Director, Affiliated Research Center, Joeun I&S


Joeun I&S spent approximately one month to determine the project requirements and conduct proof of concept. It then migrated the legacy system to Oracle Compute Cloud Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Service. Joeun I&S took less than three days to complete the migration and went live smoothly with the new platform.

About Joeun I&S


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$18 Million

After spinning off from Joeun System’s data security department in 2006, Joeun I&S has become one of Korea’s leading medium-sized system integrator providers over the last 10 years. It offers not only IT infrastructure solutions and maintenance service to customers and partners but also expands its expertise into personal information protection solution.

Published:  May 16, 2017